SEO: One of the Many Parts for Marketing your Business

SEO blog pictureMany businesses think SEO is the be all and end all for marketing. But SEO is just one part of the equation and certainly a very important part. If you’re a small business owner and don’t use integrated marketing communications it’s time to consider all of the options available to you.




SEO consists of social media, content marketing, analytics, collaborative technology and much more. When you only focus on just SEO you are limiting the potential of the entire SEO campaign.


Everyone wants to be on the top three positions of Google and I’m sorry to say but not everyone can be. Being on the top three is great for building brand visibility but that doesn’t mean someone is going to click on your site. If a searcher has never heard of your company before, it’s very unlikely they will click on your site. If you use a variety of other marketing and branding efforts and SEO the chances of people actually clicking on your site is much more likely .


SEO is a long-term strategy used to help build awareness for people that haven’t heard of you before and also a reminder to people that have heard of you before. The marketing tools you use establish that connection in their mind. SEO is more than a set of particular practices and techniques. It’s really content marketing that continues to affect SEO and the quality of your writing should be one of your main focuses rather than low-quality backlinks.


Using social media to distribute content extends your community reach and the more opportunities you will have for links. Anything that brings attention to your content helps your SEO.

It’s essential as a small business owner to understand it takes a lot more than SEO to be on the top three Google rankings. SEO falls in a wide range of marketing tactics, that all help your SEO. Make sure you use all of the marketing tools available to you because those can be just as important for your business.  

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