Small Business News Roundup: December 5th-12th

We’ve put together the top stories from the past seven days that could have an impact on small
businesses. Here’s what we’ve been talking about this week:

On Wednesday Chancellor George Osborne gave his annual Autumn Statement on new economic policies. This year’s Statement included a number of benefits for small businesses, including a reduction in corporation tax, an extension of the Small Business Rate relief scheme and other initiatives. Read more.

Next we found out that most Brits consider their employer as honest. In a survey, 84% of British respondents said that their organisation practices honesty always or frequently. However, some employees don’t seem so ethical themselves, with many aware of misconduct failing to report it. Read more.

On Friday, we told you about Netflix’s bother with the the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The company got into hot water with the US authority when it posted viewing figures on its Facebook page. The SEC claimed that Netflix broke its rules on making such figures public, but Netflix argues that its announcement to 244,000 Facebook users should be considered public. Read more.

Next it emerged that Google will start charging small businesses to use its popular workplace apps, including Gmail. Existing customers will not be charged, but small businesses signing up for new accounts will have to pay £33 ($50) per user, per year for Google’s services. Read more.

Yesterday we discovered that small businesses are dangerously underprepared for unexpected events over the Christmas trading period. Nearly half (47%) of  survey respondents admitted they are unprepared for interruptions to Christmas trading, with only 14% claiming to be more prepared than this time last year, when snow caused havoc for many businesses. Read more.

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