Small business website mistakes: Lack of images

The earliest websites were predominantly text-based, due to slow load times and compatibility issues with old computers. However, the internet has come a long way since then and the best websites are now highly interactive, with rich media features. There’s now no reason to bore your visitors with a text-heavy website. So why are some small businesses still making this mistake?

Who got it wrong:

no images on website

This website has no images to draw the visitor’s attention. Web visitors are easily bored, and will quickly leave a website if they are expected to read too much text without any images to break it up. This site looks dated, and the only splash of colour is the dusty pink background.

Who got it right:

cake maker website

This website was created with bOnline, and makes use of a moving image carousel and boxes to break up text. With a similar colour scheme to the previous website, it’s easy to see the difference some images and menus can do for a web page.


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