Small business website mistakes: Overlapping

As a basic design principle, web pages look and perform better with some structure. Whether it’s due to some ‘creative’ design or incompatibility with popular browsers, many websites do not apply any structure to the elements on their websites, including text and images. Take a look at these examples:

Who got it wrong:

J   M Farms Eggs for EggArt (1)

This website has a recurring problem across most of its pages – overlapping text. Much of the text runs in long lines across the borders of the site’s background design. The site would benefit from cutting these lines of text down into more manageable chunks or using assigned text boxes like the site below.

Who got it right:

piano tuning and repair in Norwich  piano tuning cost in your area (1)

This bOnline website features an eye-catching background, but uses boxes to structure images and text on top of it. There are several text areas on the homepage, which are kept neat and easy to read through the use of text boxes.


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