Small business website mistakes: Unreadable text

Your small business website needs to get your message across clearly – so what good is it if your website visitors have to squint and tilt their heads to try to read your text? Many businesses make the mistake of using overly decorative fonts, using poor colour contrast on text, or using small fonts which are difficult to read.

Who got it wrong:

Tuesday  November 5  11 30 a.m.

This website is an extreme example of unreadable text. There are several different text styles on this homepage, most of which are too squashed, stretched or blurry to read. Aside from these issues, there is no functional menu bar and many of the links on the page are broken.

Who got it right:

Plumber in Chelmsford   LWS Plumbing and Heating

This bOnline website uses clear text throughout. Headers stand out effectively as they are in large, white text on a contrasting red background. The site’s drop-down menu is easy to read and navigate.


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