Small Business Website of the Week: David Zowie


DJ David Zowie, is an English DJ and music producer. Zowie started producing music as a young teenager and is best known for his song ‘House Every Weekend’, which made history when it topped the first ever Friday UK Singles Chart in over 50 years on 10th July 2015. He wanted a website to showcase his music as well as promoting himself as a DJ. He wanted the design of the website to be simple yet dynamic, focusing on an image of himself performing in the background.


To create a website that stood out but was balanced, we had to stick to the basic principles of design.The website makes use of a lot of space which simplifies it and also makes it easier for us to see the background. In order for the background not to detract us from the content, a darker layer was added to make sure the text was seen. A black and white theme was also incorporated which made the website stand out with the dark background contrasting with the white text. The website is easy to navigate and flows from page to page, even the font matches the logo and creates a sense of harmony throughout.


The client was very happy with the end result and is pleased that it is how he imagined it. He now had a website that is bold and modern and reaches out to all his fans, promoting his music.
Designed by Kimberly Hurter


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