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Hair Salon in Brislington Sassi Studios BS4


Sassi Studios is a hair salon in Brislington, Bristol. The salon was established five years ago by husband and wife, Andy and Stephanie. Sassi Studios now employs four staff and one contractor, and is looking to expand further. Following this growth, a new website and marketing plan was required to establish Sassi Studios as a luxury salon in the area. The site needed to improve upon the salon’s previous website, which looked dated and offered very little control over design and content.


The owners of Sassi Studios decided to build a DIY website with bOnline, featuring easy-to-use editing tools which can be accessed at any time.

They chose bOnline’s SEO Premium package, which includes a full website audit and SEO management by a dedicated advisor, as well as Google+ setup and integration.

Despite the fact Andy and Stephanie decided to build the website themselves, they were able to access email and telephone support as part of their package.


After less than two months, the Sassi Studios website reached number one on Google for the keywords ‘salon in Brislington’ and ‘hairdresser in Brislington’. Thanks to the site’s Google+ integration, it ranks first in Google’s location search, which showcases the salon’s great reviews in the search listing.

The new design and SEO efforts have resulted in the website receiving an average of 400 visitors per month.

Andy said, “I am pleased with the site and think it provides good value for money.  What I like about bOnline is that I can talk to somebody. I tried one or two other website builders and hated the way that I was expected to do everything online without any form of human interaction.”

Sassi studios


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