Small business website of the week: The Only Way is Crossfit


The Only Way Is Crossfit, based in Woodford, offers a broad training program that is suitable for anyone at any fitness level. The Only Way Is CrossFit was founded in 2013 with the principles of community and fitness, with the sole aim of improving quality of life. They believe that through challenging workouts, set in a positive and friendly atmosphere, they can make fitness fun and accessible to people from all walks of life. They offer a wide range of classes, from the standard CrossFit WOD, to a Kettle bell program, and also bodyweight circuits. The Only Way Is Crossfit already had a website however they wanted their new website to be more modern and easy to navigate. It needed to be completely SEO optimised as well as advertise their business more efficiently.


Being on our premium design package, we were able to capture the new and modern requirements of The Only Way Is Crossfit’s website. The home page was simplified a into a image based design with all the key elements and information on the home page making it easy for the visitor to find out more about them, their programmes and what they offer. They also signed up for our SEO service which greatly improved the website structure and content. Going over their existing website, a clear understanding was gained of what was required to create a more modern and fresh website . With the logo and colour scheme provided we branded the website accordingly.


The client was extremely happy with the design of the website as well as with the SEO optimisation. The website is now one source for all of their information, including their timetable, a membership signup as well as their coaches and classes information. The branding of the business and the website compliment each other and the client was also impressed with the editing capabilities of the platform with which they could now update their site themselves should anything need to be changed.

Designed by Oswin Losper and Ashleigh Aries


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