Small business website of the week: The House of Whisky


The House of Whisky is a new ecommerce website that specialises in selling rare and collectable whiskies. The House of Whisky started with a passion for collectable and rare Whiskies and they pride themselves on the commitment to be able to source fantastically varied products from around the globe where whisky is the talk of the town. Their philosophy is simple, they aim to constantly find new products in all whisky categories.The client had a clear vision of what they wanted for the website with several examples and the main aim was that the website had to say and feel like a whisky website when the visitor comes on to the website.


To achieve the look they wanted, we first started with the logo and colours, we selected a specific colour palette that worked well with whisky brands and a used some wood patterns to represent a whisky barrel. The client was also signed up for our logo design package which helped a great deal as we could now create the website and logo to function together for example adding a barrel icon into the logo created a nice logo that immediately says whisky when looking at it. We also made sure that the fonts for the website complemented each other and creating a flow. With our new ecommerce platform we made sure to feature the shop and categories on the home page where we then loaded products and setup payment gateways. With good quality product images, descriptions and our new ecommerce platform features a fully functional store was created. We also added the Fedex shipping carries that automatically works out your delivery rates based on location.


The client was very pleased with the end result including its easy navigation and ecommerce platform which now throughout the website you will find a delightful array of products, carefully skilled by some of the finest distilleries in the world, ranging from well executed entry level products right through to limited releases which you can no longer get and the absolute very rare whiskies which are increasingly difficult to find.

Designed by Stephan Theron


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