Small business website of the week: TechStack Recruitment


TechStack Recruitment is a London based digital technology recruitment business. They are a small, high-performance team with high standards and big ambitions. Their purpose is to connect the best and brightest executive and technical talent with the most disruptive and innovative companies of our generation. The client had a clear vision of what he wanted for the website. The main idea was to make the website function as one page in which each heading would scroll to its own section on the home page. The client also wanted to make use of typography and icons to illustrate what he was trying to get across as well as connecting to an audience of this generation.


To achieve the look he wanted, we first started with the colours. By sticking strictly to the logo colours, white, yellow and grey we were able to connect the different sections as well as the website as a whole. We then made sure that the font for the website was the same as the logo, again creating that flow. When adding the content to the website, we looked at each individual section and adjusted the typography that would best suit the information of that section. Each section had to be different and eye catching, to allow the viewer to be intrigued and read more. To make sure the navigation was easy for the viewer, we made sure that the header with the logo and headings would follow as you scrolled down the page. Lastly, the two abstract images used subtly create an ideal warm atmosphere and reflect the websites contrasting cool and warm colours.


The client was very pleased with the end result including its easy dynamic navigation and flow. He was also very happy that his website is also responsive and works well on mobile and iPad’s.

Designed by Kimberly Hurter


Sam is head of website services at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for creating a beautiful business website and getting the most out of bOnline's website design tools.

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