The Best Free Marketing Tools for your Business

It can be a difficult and expensive process trying to market your small business. So what’s better than free marketing tools to help get your name out there? This small guide will explain some of the free marketing tools available to you and how these tools can help your small business.

Google analytics








This marketing tool can be used to get to know your audience through Traffic Sources and In-Page Analytics. You can get more conversion and better performance with Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution. These allow you to see how all your campaign elements work together. With Site Speed, In-Page Analytics and Alerts you will be able to find out when you’ve reached your peak capacity by helping you avoid slow page loads, poorly placed content and site crashed due to high visitor volume. Most importantly Google Analytics helps you understand which digital marketing strategies perform best. There are many excellent features like lead tracking and real-time analysis, which is something that other companies would charge you big bucks for.


Social Media Platforms











Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and many other social media platforms are free. If you want to you can pay for sponsored advertisements but there are many ways to use social media without having to pay for the sponsored ads. According to Social Media London, there are around 38 million active social media accounts. Using these social platforms is an easy way to join the conversation. It can take time getting the word out but if you can build your channels early, make connections, find your audience, and join the conversation using social media is an excellent choice for marketing your small business.








Once you have all your social media platforms set up you can manage them all at once using Hootsuite. This managing platform allows you to post updates and responses to customer engagements. For small businesses it’s necessary to your online presence that you have a contiguous online social media brand but doing so it’s important to stay on top of your various social media profiles by responding to customers. Hootsuite will make it easier for everyone to work together and collaborate on posts.











Canva can be used to design graphics for your social media accounts, blogs, marketing flyers, email advertisements and much more. Using graphics to tell your company’s story is a great marketing strategy to promote your business. Canva is extremely easy to use and there are many free templates offered. There are templates that do cost money but the free ones are just as good.

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