Is your About Us page optimised to help your business?

aboutusblogIt’s a bit of a mystery to many, as to the best way to optimise an about us page to help their business. Some say it’s for a brief company history, to give information on staff members or to provide industry information in addition to their homepage. Well, all three of these are relevant. The homepage should be kept brief so any information that is not vital to the customer should go on the about page.

With any small business, people want to know the history of the company they are dealing with. Is it a family business? When was it established? If it’s been in business for over a certain amount of years then it may be seen as more reliable. Where/who created the business concept.

With more personal businesses it’s a great idea to share information about staff members. A short bio and photo for each member creates a much more personal effect if the customer is going to be dealing with the company on a face to face level. It also puts a face to a company you may just be dealing with online or over the phone.

It’s also key to add value to your company on the about page. What sets your product or service apart from the rest? You’re still trying to get across your company’s unique selling point remember.

There are also the obligatory essentials like a call to action where the customer is prompted to contact the company. Contact details should always appear on the about page as well as links. Social media links, internal links to other pages and links to partners and affiliates. If you work with well established companies in the same industry then it is well worth linking them to your about page. Asking them to reciprocate this link on their website is also important for SEO, but that’s a for another blog.

I’ve always liked the idea of dotting testimonials around the site and a nice one on the about page will always prove effective.

To recap your about us page should include:

  • a company description
  • staff bios and images
  • the company’s history or formation story
  • links and a call to action
  • and a testimonial for good measure (optional)

The about page is vital for any website. Not only does it add great SEO value but it’s also key for future customers to get a sense of the company ethos and history. An effective about page can be the sole reason for a potential customer buying a product, using a service or signing up.


Sam is head of website services at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for creating a beautiful business website and getting the most out of bOnline's website design tools.

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