Call recording made easy for businesses

We've made the most advanced call recording and AI analytics easy and affordable for UK small businesses.

Unlock value with call recording with voice AI and benefit from choosing a bOnline call recording system for your small business.

Recording & playback

Simple, reliable and flexible. Our recording software is ideal for any small business that needs to record calls for legal requirements, training or to keep track of important calls.

There are many benefits to choosing bOnline call recording for your small business such as:

Enterprise-grade quality

Top quality recordings in secure cloud storage.

Easy plug & play

No equipment or installation needed for unlimited storage.

Unlimited & fully redundant

Fully backed up with no storage limit for 90 days and keep recordings up to 7 years.

Smart analytics

Powerful search, AI analytics and transcription.

Smart analytics & AI

Our call recording offers smart analytics to help your small business analyse customer data and the effectiveness of calls.

Use bOnline call recording to ensure meaningful conversations with customers to understand what works and what doesn’t.

With bOnline call recording your small business will be able to:

Negative call alerts

Take immediate action when calls turn from positive to negative.

Powerful analysis

Understand trends from recorded calls with AI analytics.

Automated call ratings

Review the emotions of a call without having to listen to it.

Security & compliance

bOnline call recording solution is designed as a ‘native cloud’ platform to provide more functionality in the most secure way possible. We protect you and your customers’ data with special integrations.

Let’s break it down!


Our call recording software is certified for all operations and processes.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Compliant for all data handling and privacy.


State of the art encryption standards for all call recordings.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Decision Support System (PCI DSS) and Self-Assessment Questionnaire A (SAQ-A) for card payment and security compliance

We also have +20 more security procedures in place to give peace of mind and ensure there are no data breaches such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) security.


Access trends, call emotions and deliver better customer service at a fraction of the price.

Standard 90PRO 1,000PRO 2,500PRO 5,000
Monthly price£6£14£20£25
Storage details90 days7 years7 years7 years
Storage limitsUnlimited1,000 mins2,500 mins5,000 mins
AI & Analytics+£20+£20+£20+£20

12-month contracts, bOnline VoIP user required. AI & Analytics limited to 1,000 minutes per 20. All prices require VAT.

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