bOnline helps Amida Travel with a professional new look

Amida Travel
Est. 2022
  • 12 month contract
  • Video calling included
  • Call recording included

About Amida Travel

Amida Travel is a small new independent travel agency on the grow. Offering an impressive range of luxury holidays to far-flung destinations, the team is passionate about travel and bespoke customer service from beginning to end.

What the client says

"bOnline was recommended to me by a friend. Before signing up, I was just using my mobile phone for business calls which didn't look very professional. I like my VoIP phone system because it looks like a normal landline and the extra features like video calling work well for my business too"
- Francesca H

What we say

"The benefits of a VoIP phone to Amida Travel were obvious and we're really pleased they got in touch. Not only can the features included in their VoIP package help the business grow, it also gives a more professional image."

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

Our team spent time understanding more about Amida Travel, their customer call volumes and the challenges they face.

Step 2:

It was clear that simply using a personal mobile to deal with customer calls wasn't working. We discussed the features of VoIP that would be most useful for Amida Travel to work out which package would suit best.

Step 3:

A VoIP phone was sent out to Amida Travel with set up completed remotely by us with no down time.

Call flow setup

Thanks to bOnline's VoIP system we now don't need to worry about missing calls or having my mobile phone ringing at all hours

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