New Arc Wildlife Rescue

About New Arc Wildlife Rescue

New Arc Wildlife Rescue is the largest wildlife rescue centre in the North-East of Scotland. It is an independent charity operating a 24/7, 365 days per year service for wildlife emergencies. The team also offers general wildlife advice and non-critical admissions.

What the client says

“As a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre our phones are critical for receiving news of injured or unwell wildlife casualties. We needed a system which we could manage ourselves for both receiving emergency calls but also providing information to the public automatically. With the easy to set up call flow system we have been able to put together a service that gets members of the public quickly to the help, or to the information they need.”

– Paul R

What we say

“New Arc came to us because their call volumes were increasing fast and they needed a system they could easily manage themselves. We’re glad to help them reduce unnecessary calls whilst dealings with emergencies more quickly”

Here’s how we made it happen

Step 1:New Arc Wildlife Rescue got in touch because their call volumes were increasing fast. Not only was it vital that emergency calls about sick animals could be dealt with fast, they also needed to be able to get information out to the public effectively. They were also looking for stable, reliable fibre broadband.

Step 2:The bOnline team worked to fully understand New Arc’s needs and challenges, including ease of use, features, and how many people needed VoIP access.

Step 3: A new fibre broadband and VoIP phone set up was established within 48 hours with no downtime.

Call flow setup

Thanks to our broadband and VoIP system from bOnline we can serve our customers much more efficiently.



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