North East Media TV is managing daily calls on the go thanks to their new VoIP system from bOnline.

  • £9.95 a month including unlimited calls
  • Video calling
  • Call recording on demand

About North East Media TV

North East Media is a small, independent TV production company based in Immingham, Lincolnshire.

The team has completed over 1200 exciting projects, including Discover Britain, Cooking With Emily and Behind The Scenes With Daniel O'Donnell.

Kevin from North East Media TV was kind enough to complete a video giving his full review. Take a look:

What the client says

"We already had internet at our new site but no phone. We wanted something that would be quick to install but also protect us from the landline switch off. The best thing is the app as you can add hold music and never miss a call again. We've recommended them to other businesses now too"
- Kevin G

What we say

"When Kevin got in touch, we soon understood the needs of his business and how VoIP could move them forward. Their new system was set up in less than half an hour and we were glad to help"

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

North East Media TV got in touch with us as they already had their internet set up but needed an efficient way of dealing with daily calls on the go.

Step 2: 

Our team worked to understand the needs of the business, including current challenges, number of users and which features they would most benefit from.

Step 3:

The new VoIP system was set up in around 25 minutes and a new phone sent out within 24 hours. It was all done remotely with no downtime.

Call flow setup

With our new bOnline VoIP system we're able to handle calls on the go more efficiently

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