bOnline VoIP phone means Rental Prospects miss far fewer calls

  • £9.95 a month, includes:
  • Unlimited calls
  • Video calling
  • Call recording on demand

About Rental Prospects

Rental Prospects is a property management and investment company. The business takes on properties from landlords who no longer want to manage their property and are looking for a hands-free approach.

For Rental Prospects, the big thing they pride themselves on is excellent customer service. They also need flexibility to answer calls on the go, particularly during their busier times.

What the client says

“I was able to get some calls before bOnline but I felt that not having an office number was hindering us in finding more landlords as I was using my personal number. Before bOnline I just used my personal phone number and I didn’t want to use a traditional landline because I was worried it would be too expensive."
Ruben F

What we say

“We knew that Rental Prospects needed to be able to take calls when no-one could answer the phone. They wanted to look more professional as well as keep costs low. It’s great to have them on board”.

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Got in touch with us

Rental Prospects called and spoke with one of our experts about the challenges they faced. These included the need to look more professional, as well as avoiding missed calls from customers.

Bespoke VoIP package created

It soon became clear that the business needed excellent value for money, so we worked on finding a VoIP package that offered all the features they needed at the best price.

Up and running in 24 hours

A solution was found and a new phone number was chosen the following day.

Call flow setup

Below you can see the route we took with Rental Prospects to get them set up with their new VoIP system:

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