How to Choose The Right VoIP Service Provider For Your Small Business

January 30, 2024

Choosing a VoIP service provider is no easy task. There are quite a few out there, all with different specialities, pros and cons. Your business is also unique, so it’s worth doing your homework. This way, you can see the various offers on the market and make a choice that best matches your business needs.

Here are a few tips to help you get your small business or start-up on the road to never missing a call again:

Reviews and Testimonials

Taking a look at plenty of reviews will give you a great idea of previous customers’ experiences. Be sure to have a look at both negative and positive reviews so that you can form a balanced idea of the companies you’re looking into.

bOnline for example has well over 10,000 Trustpilot reviews and we’re proud to be rated ‘Excellent’ too!

Be Clear About What You Need

It’s important that you’re clear about what you want from a VoIP service provider. Having this in mind will help guide you in your search so that you get a service that ticks all the boxes.

Which Benefits Appeal Most To You And Your Business?

Is it the pricing? Media applications like audio and video calling? Top notch security? Knowing which benefits you want for your business will help you make a more informed decision.


At bOnline we’re proud to offer some of the lowest prices around, offering excellent value to money and maximum features. Our contracts are all only 12 months long too, offering better flexibility. Why not take a look at our latest package prices?

Don’t forget, you can even add on international calling from just £6 a month - so no more expensive transatlantic calls or European roaming charges!

The Size of Your Business

The number of people working within your business will have a big influence on the VoIP service provider that you choose. How many people will need to access the system?

Also, if you have a small business then you might not have the largest budget to spend on communication technology. We totally understand, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible!

At bOnline, we specialise solely in VoIP for small business heroes like you. Our pricing, installation, and equipment were all tailormade for sole traders, including start-ups and freelancers too. Set up takes just 2 minutes with no downtime, and it’s all done remotely so no engineer visits are needed and there’s no ‘techie’ knowledge needed by you.

Contact Us

Making the change to a digital phone system can seem quite daunting, so why not sign up for our free 7-day trial? It’s the perfect way to test out all the business-friendly VoIP features on offer, without the commitment. We won’t even ask for your credit card details.

Call menus? You got it. Built-in video calling? Sure. Call divert and voicemail? Absolutely! There’s so much packed into our VoIP digital phone systems, you never need to worry about missing a business call again.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of VoIP or the landline switch-off coming next year, feel free to give our friendly expert team a call on 0203 617 9950.


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