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Dangers of ignoring the ISDN switch off

July 14, 2022

By now, most people are aware that the UK’s landline network will be switched off in 2025 and replaced by a fully digital one.

Many businesses have already made the switch or are currently in the process of migrating their communications infrastructure to VoIP. However, statistics show that 83 per cent of small and medium enterprises  are unaware of the looming switch off date and 77 per cent are yet to begin making preparations for it. 

Although 2025 is still a few years away, for those that rely on having a telephone network, making the switch sooner rather than later offers countless benefits. 

There are also some disadvantages and risks involved if you delay this migration. It’s important to be aware of these so you can make the considered decision to move to cloud telephony and future proof your business. 

Cost inefficiency 

One of the most immediate benefits businesses feel when they upgrade to a digital phone system is cost savings. VoIP solutions are much less expensive to implement, manage and upgrade when compared to legacy ones. 

Moreover, placing calls over a digital network is much more affordable. You will only pay a monthly fee that allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, rather than incurring expensive international calling costs. 

Switching to a VoIP phone system as soon as possible will ensure you’re better prepared and not unnecessarily spending budget on a legacy system.

Restricted scalability 

The longer you put off upgrading to a digital phone system, the more you restrict your business in terms of scalability and flexibility. 

Although ISDN lines allow for legacy systems to be integrated with modern technology, they are tied to a geographical location which places restrictions on your business. 

As you’re not reliant on physical locations and hardware, it’s much easier to scale a VoIP phone system up or down as your needs change and your business grows. With a VoIP solution, adding virtual phone numbers for new employees is as simple as visiting your online dashboard. 

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ISDN support will become less accessible

Currently, the plan is to stop installing ISDN lines by 2023, before the network is switched off entirely in 2025. Even though you still have time to upgrade your legacy system, those still reliant on ISDN technology will likely notice support dwindling as time goes on. 

As fewer businesses continue to use ISDN phone lines, the number of trained engineers and system part retailers will also decline. In fact, research by Statista revealed a 96 per cent decrease in ISDN orders between 2017 and 2018, reflecting the accelerated adoption of more modern technologies such as VoIP. 

You’ll fall behind the competition 

One of the major dangers of ignoring the ISDN switch off and continuing with your legacy system is that you’ll miss out on the advanced features, cost savings and increased flexibility that many of your competitors are likely already benefiting from. 

Start planning your digital phone system migration now 

Don’t start panicking just yet. There is still plenty of time to switch to cloud telephony, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth leaving it until the last minute. 

Migrating to a VoIP solution like bOnline is simple and you’ll start to feel the benefits from the get-go. 

Along with features to enhance the calling experience, cloud telephony provides the flexibility, scalability and quality that businesses need to succeed in today’s digital world.


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