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July 27, 2022

What does PSTN switch off mean?

PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is the traditional phone system that is used by most homes and businesses. With PSTN, you get one phone number and a single device with one connection. Data gets carried via copper lines over a circuit-switched phone line made and managed by phone providers. These traditional phone lines will go out of service by 2025. Openreach has already begun the stop Sell of new supply telephone lines in many areas. This move is in accordance with how outdated and high maintenance these phones are. Also, they are incompatible with remote work. With emerging technology, communications have become a lot easier and more inclusive, so it’s ideal to switch now. 

What will replace landlines?

All the traditional landline phones will be replaced by a digital network, also known as an IP network. Many people have already started using digital phone lines. The digital network is way more advanced than the PSTN and meets all the requirements of the technologically advanced era we live in.  

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that uses the internet for telephony. It's the basis of many automated phone systems and allows voice or video calls through reputable apps and services. 

VoIP is future-friendly technology that allows users to make calls from any laptop/smartphone from anywhere where there is connectivity. 

As compared to a traditional phone system, VoIP phones cost much less and do not require any engineer visits for installation. Having multiple features like call conferencing, adding users, call queuing, call greetings or voicemail to email makes communication for everyone more flexible. 

Will I lose my number while switching?

Switching to VoIP doesn't mean losing your number. We know how important business numbers are. Your existing landline PSTN phone number can be easily ported to a VoIP number.  Find the right VoIP provider and enquire about your specific number's portability. Select your tariff and enjoy the extraordinary features of the VoIP phone. To avoid the sudden shock of losing your number in 2025, make the switch now. 

Are digital phone systems expensive?

Not at all. Digital phones are not pricey as they do not have extra maintenance or installation charges. They make use of the internet so all the updates happen automatically. With a VoIP phone system, making international calls is also more economical than a traditional landline.

I'm a small business owner, is it necessary to switch?

Yes, it is. The PSTN switch-off is happening rapidly. Sooner or later, everyone will have to switch. Phone companies are creating awareness around this change so that people do not lose their numbers after the shutdown. Moreover, the switch from analogue to digital is necessary to adopt a digital mindset. 

Are digital phones reliable in terms of security?

Most VoIP providers work on hosted systems which means that technology, security and software updates are controlled externally by the cloud provider. The app is automatically updated leading to minimal downtime for your business.

No phone offers 100% privacy and security. However, if you use a VoIP phone offering encryption and enhanced security, reliability should not concern you. 

I'm used to my old phone and reluctant to use a technologically advanced phone. 

We understand that going through this change can be difficult for you. But eventually, sooner or later you will have to switch. If you use a traditional analogue phone then by 2025, you will need to switch as it will no longer work.

Can I use a desk phone for my VoIP number?

Of course, you can. You can get access to your VoIP number from any smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop, or desk phone.

Will the VoIP phone system work if I work from a rural area?

As long as you have internet connectivity, the VoIP phone can work from anywhere.

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