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How Can VoIP Help My Business Function?

December 15, 2022

VoIP business phone systems offer a whole host of highly valuable functions that can  help your company become a well-oiled machine with high-quality internal and external communications. This innovative and flexible phone system helps your business function optimally, boost productivity, and increase satisfaction for your company and your customers.  

How Can VoIP Phone Systems Be Used in Businesses?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that uses a broadband internet connection that allows you to make low-cost calls and reach a substantial number of customers so that you can get more leads, solve more queries, and score more conversions. 

VoIP allows your workforce to make calls from any place in the world, this can be very beneficial if you’re always on the go and have employees working abroad, remotely, or on a hybrid basis.  

Other useful VoIP features include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call menus
  • Call recording
  • Video meetings
  • Customised greetings

What are the Key Benefits of VoIP Business Phones? 


VoIP business phone systems help businesses to cut costs and allow you to spend money on more important areas of business function. Installing a VoIP phone system often results in your business saving a huge amount of money since it takes away many of the expensive costs associated with a conventional landline phone, including call costs, installation, maintenance fees, telephone lines, ISDN services, and hardware costs and upgrades. 

All of these benefits are especially helpful to small businesses, who would appreciate the ease of installation and any money-saving opportunities as they launch their new company or grow an existing one. 

Supercharge Productivity

You get to achieve more in terms of work output and customer satisfaction by equipping all employees, regardless of where they are, with a very affordable and efficient way to answer, forward, queue, and record calls to monitor and inspire ways to increase call quality. 


You can also present customers with a call menu so that it becomes an easy and quick process for them to get through to the right person who is able to solve their specific query. This results in less customer frustration, fewer bad reviews, and a decrease in mounting pressure on workers, considering that non-traditional employees like remote and hybrid workers are now able to share the workload. This is particularly helpful for businesses where communication with customers is quite frequent, such as an advertising agency, where the need to satisfy potential and existing customers is vital. 


VoIP’s video meeting feature allows you to increase productivity by giving the means to communicate important ideas and receive feedback from your team. It also takes away the need to purchase and install separate video hosting software.  

Integration Into Other Software 

Integrating a VoIP business phone system with your existing software such as CRM and HR applications is a very simple and quick process. It allows you to do much more in a faster way when you compare it to using various software on an individual basis. For example, you could use your VoIP application to enter customer phone numbers and other important data straight into your CRM. Without this integration, you would have to wait until the call is done, access the CRM and then input this data. 

How Does VoIP Help Companies of Different Sizes?

Whether big, small, or micro VoIP plays a major role in helping businesses to function effectively. Have a look at some of the wonderful ways in which VoIP can help your business, regardless of its size. 

VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses 

A VoIP business phone system is a fantastic way for small businesses to present themselves in a very professional manner and level up against more established competitors. 

Save Money 

Smaller companies will save money early on with this inexpensive and effective phone system. Setting up VoIP for small businesses is a swift and simple process, giving you an affordable alternative to paying for expensive desktop phones, phone lines and occasional maintenance. A VoIP business phone saves you from this financial burden and gives you the freedom to spend your precious budget on more important areas like product development, hiring, and advertising. 

Exceptional Quality 

As a small business, you usually don’t have the biggest client base to support you, and you clearly cannot afford to upset customers or create a poor impression of your company due to poor audio quality. A VoIP business phone system gives you fantastic call quality by ensuring that your voice call quality is crystal clear and your customers feel heard. 

Wide Range of Communication Features 

If you’re a start-up, your methods of communication and the software used for it are most likely not established yet. All of VoIP’s effective communication features like video calling and chat messaging saves you time and spares you from the frustration of searching and trying out various software.  

VoIP Business Phone System for Large Businesses

There’s been plenty of hype surrounding VoIP’s effectiveness for small businesses in terms of cost and its great features, but what about the larger businesses? The thing is, VoIP is great for larger organisations because it’s a much easier and more pleasant alternative to on-site traditional phones that can take up quite a bit of space within the workplace. 

Relief for Your IT Department 

It would also be well received by your company’s IT Manager. As a system administrator for many employees, new software that can be installed by every employee in a matter of minutes is incredibly helpful - as it saves your IT Manager plenty of time and unnecessary effort. Larger businesses often dread migrating new software since it has to work for an entire organisation. VoIP makes this daunting migration process an absolute breeze!   

All Communication Features in One Place 

VoIP’s video calling, chat messaging and audio features allow every employee from every department to access all forms of communication from one user-friendly platform, making communication much easier, quicker to access, and in turn leads to increased productivity.  

Compatibility With Traditional Phones

If letting go of “tradition” is too hard and you like the feeling of old-school analogue phones, you could still decide to use that phone with VoIP by utilising VoIP adaptors like a microfilter.  

Free VoIP Trial

Unsure if a VoIP business phone is right for your company? At bOnline, we offer a 7 day free trial, along with free no obligation demos to businesses in the UK - satisfaction guaranteed.


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