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How to Get a Memorable Phone Number for Your Small Business

September 6, 2022

A small business’ phone number is a primary link to customers and a way to provide good customer service. Whether you’re building a network with existing customers or trying to attract new ones, having a trusted landline phone number that’s easy to remember is important. 

But how do you get a phone number, or know if it’s actually memorable? Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how to get a memorable one for your own business. 

What Are Memorable Numbers?

Memorable numbers aren’t as complicated as they sound: they’re just numbers in a sequence. An example could be a set of numbers that’s easy to visually remember since it looks like a shape. For example, 904 could be memorable to some people who learn information visually since it looks like a person with a dress. Another set of memorable numbers could be those that are easy to sound out. Lots of companies already use this tactic. When you dial a number, some keyboards make different sound effects depending on the numbers you press. Putting numbers together that song that a song when you dial could make a number quick to remember. 

How Do I Know If a Sequence Will Be Memorable? 

Following the advice above, it’s easy to make a memorable phone number yourself. There are certain tricks you can do that make creating a sequence of numbers even easier than remembering them! The first trick is to use single repeat numbers like 1111 or 2222. These numbers take less time to memorise than numbers that are all completely different. Another trick is to do repeated pairs, or numbers that are the same next to each other. For example, 5577 or 9911. This clustering of numbers is convenient for memory. The same goes for double repeats, also known as numbers that don’t repeat the same digit, but repeat the same pattern. (i.e. 8686 4545) 

Repetition is not the only way for numbers to be recognisable. You can use numbers that follow a context like ones that add or subtract: 3456 or 9876. Or step-up or step-down sequences which are sets that add or subtract a digit from a number, 6787 or 4543. You can use numbers that mirror each other too like 8008 or 6776.Or use simple letters like XYZ. 

What If I Follow These Patterns and My Sequence is Already Taken? 

It may seem intimidating to have to come up with a number completely on your own after your first choices are all taken, but you can be completely random and still make it memorable. You can follow a typing pattern, also known as a tactile that mimics how a hand might move while typing. You can use four-corner digits, using the numbers located in the corners of a keyboard. (1,3,9, and 4) You can also follow a grid pattern and just go down a row on your keyboard and use the numbers that are stacked on top of each other. 

What If I Need a Number For My Geographic Location? 

One handy option is using a non-geographical number like an 0800 number. This prefix is widely used by companies in the UK and around the world. It can be convenient for companies to use 0800 numbers since they can appear local even if they’re located elsewhere. They are usually toll-free to call and used for customer service purposes. 

0300 numbers are another alternative to 0800. Like 0800 numbers, 0300 numbers are non-geographical, meaning they can be used for a business no matter its location. They can be handy for businesses since they are cheap to get. However, they are not toll-free for customers. They cost the same to call as 01 and 02 numbers. 

A third option is a specific prefix. Each area code in the UK has its own unique prefix and you can implement that technique in your own business number. You can create your own prefix with a pattern: 344 7344 8344. Or you can follow prefixes that already exist. VoIP providers can provide you with a new number with a prefix for a specific area in England. They have 020 for London and 0121 for Birmingham and anyway else. This way, you can have a number that looks local but is completely your own. 

Where Can I Get My Memorable Business Number? 

Signing up for a number is even easier than coming up with the perfect sequence. You can go through a local VoIP provider. These providers will set you up with your own digital phone system and let you choose your number. All you have to do is choose your number and they do the rest of the work. Once your number is created, you may want to write it down even if it’s easy to remember so you can share it with customers and expand your network. 

bOnline is a VoIP phone provider that offers digital phone packages where you get a brand new phone system and phone number for an affordable monthly price. You can sign up for different packages depending on your business needs and the kinds of advanced features you want. Some of those features include a digital phone line and number, unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited landline and mobile calls. 

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