What new features do bOnline VoIP systems have to offer?

May 30, 2023

At bOnline we’re always striving to offer our customers the most cutting edge, business-friendly VoIP features possible. 

The fact is, times are tough and running a small business doesn’t come cheap. That’s why when it comes to your VoIP system it’s so important to balance high quality with low cost. 

Many of our VoIP features have been around for a while: crystal clear call quality, voicemail, call divert, hold music, call analytics data and free internal calling are just a few (you can see the full list of bOnline VoIP features here). But we also regularly receive feedback from customers about things they’d like to see improved, or extra features they would find useful. So we’ve listened and taken action on a couple of the big ones.

Better call flow customisation

The ability to customise your own VoIP dashboard as much as possible is an important way of managing the system so it works just as you want it to.

You can set up your call flows so that, for example, your phone will automatically divert to an out of hours inbox (or staff member) during specific times of the day. It’s possible to have as many different call flows as you need, giving you maximum autonomy over your customer experience. You may also want to set different welcome greetings (good morning for 8am to 12 noon and good afternoon for 12 noon onwards for instance).

Additionally, we’ve also made some changes to the ‘All call flows’ tab in your dashboard. Now you’ll see ‘Active call flows’ and ‘All call flows’. The ‘All call flows’ tab will allow you to create cards, where you can then add a number of editable sub call flows as needed, for example “call queuing call flows”. Our team will be happy to help you with this if needed.

Full review of hardware

When you sign up for a bOnline VoIP package, you can also choose from our wide range of VoIP handsets and headsets, if you want them. We’ve now carried out a review of our stock, to make sure everything we offer is up-to-date, relevant and readily available to send out.

We’ve therefore now taken some of our older hardware offline and worked to expand our range of modern entry level, medium level and premium stock. For example, we now offer leading brand Yealink headphones in models U34 (entry), U36 (medium) and U38 (premium), plus a wider range of bluetooth headsets. We also plan to offer a premium wifi choice in the coming months, once we’ve tested them ourselves first.

Ready to see how a VoIP phone system can work for you?

Understanding how a VoIP system works and which package would best suit your small business can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a number of articles to help get you started. They include:

Don’t forget too, landlines are being switched off by 2025 so now is the perfect time to make the jump to VoIP.

Why not try out all of the features on offer by signing up for a free 7-day VoIP trial? There’s no commitment and if you have any questions our team is on hand. We do all the setting up for you remotely with no downtime and no technical knowledge needed from you. Call 0208 125 3241.


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