How to Set Up a VoIP System For Your Home Office

October 31, 2023

Setting up a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system for your home office is a cost-effective and flexible way to manage your phone calls and communications. At bOnline we know that getting started with a digital phone system can be a little daunting, so we’ve put together our step-by-step guide to help. Oh don’t forget to sign up for our completely free 7-day trial too!

Assess Your Needs

When looking for a new VoIP digital phone system for your home office, determine your specific requirements. Consider the number of people you need to be able to use the system, and what features like call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling you’d most benefit from. Also think about whether you need to connect a physical desk phone or will use a softphone application on your computer or mobile device instead.

Choose a VoIP Service Provider

Go for a provider that matches your needs and budget. Consider factors like call quality, customer support, and pricing plans. Also, how long do you feel comfortable being tied into a contract for? Many providers offer contracts that are 18 or even 24 months long, but at bOnline all our contracts are only 12 months which helps keep things flexible.

Get the Necessary Equipment

Depending on your preferences and the VoIP service you choose, you may need one or more of the following:

  • IP Phone. If you prefer a physical desk phone, purchase one that's compatible with your VoIP service.
  • Computer/Mobile Device. You can use your computer or smartphone as a softphone by installing the service's app or using a web-based application.
  • Headset. If you're using a computer or smartphone, a good quality headset can improve audio quality and comfort.
  • Internet Connection. Ensure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection. A wired connection is generally more reliable than Wi-Fi for VoIP calls.

Check Security

You need a VoIP digital phone system that includes security measures to protect your business from threats, such as firewalls, strong passwords, and regular software updates. Be cautious about the information you share during calls, especially for sensitive business matters.

Learn About Features

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the features provided by your VoIP service. Features can include call forwarding, call recording, conference calling, and more. Understanding these features will help you make the most of your VoIP system.

How Does Billing and Monitoring Work?

Keep track of your usage and billing to ensure you stay within your chosen plan's limits. Most providers (including us!) offer online dashboards where you can monitor usage and manage your system yourself very easily.

What Technical Support Is Offered?

Be aware of the customer support options available from your service provider. In case of technical issues or questions, you'll want to know how to reach out for assistance. Our friendly expert team is always on hand to help - just call 0203 617 9950.

Ready to Get a VoIP Digital Phone System For Your Home Office?

Remember that the specific steps may vary depending on your chosen VoIP provider and the equipment you're using. Following these general guidelines will help you set up a VoIP system for your home office, improving your communication capabilities while potentially reducing costs.

Don’t Forget Your Free Trial

Why not sign up for a free 7-day trial? It’s the perfect way to test out all the time and money-saving VoIP features on offer - no credit card, and no commitment. There’s nothing to lose!


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