Signs that you are ready for business VoIP

April 26, 2023

With landlines shutting down in 2025, businesses need to consider moving to a better communication system.

Switching to VoIP is easy and hassle-free. Some of the common signs that a business needs to switch to a business VoIP system are: expanding teams, expensive and inflexible phone contracts and the need to work remotely.

Can businesses use VoIP?

Of course! VoIP is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world. Since the technology became more mainstream in the early 2000s, businesses have increasingly found the range of features VoIP has to offer has saved them huge amounts of time and money.

What is a business VoIP phone system?

Business VoIP systems can seriously boost the efficiency of your business communication. VoIP (short for Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way of making and receiving phone calls, but instead of using traditional landlines it’s done over the internet.

What key features does VoIP offer?

There are loads of great business-friendly features you get with VoIP that just don’t exist with a normal mobile phone or landline. With bOnline, these include:

HD quality calls

Call quality is digital standard and is therefore crystal clear compared to traditional landlines.

Manage users

You can log into your online dashboard from any device to create and edit users.

Inclusive calls

Cut your costs with inclusive calling to UK mobiles and landlines.

Call security

We take call security extremely seriously so have invested in state of the art security for every call you make.


It’s easy to set up a voicemail mailbox complete with greeting - you can even have more than one, allowing you to allocate different boxes to different teams.

Internal calling

Calls within your business can be made for free.

Number transfers

You can retain your existing number whilst benefitting from lower call rates.

Hold music

Choose customisable music that callers can listen to when they’re on hold.

4 signs you’re ready to switch to VoIP for business 

At this point you may be wondering “when should I switch my business to VoIP?”

There are actually several signs if you know how to spot them!

You’re missing a lot of calls to your business

Whether its customers or suppliers, the last thing you want is to be missing calls. As your business grows, you may find it harder for yourself and your team to keep up with the volume of calls coming in. This is where a VoIP phone system can really help.

Missing too many calls can really hurt your business. You could lose your next big contract or client, or find people are getting annoyed and voting with their feet. If this sounds worryingly familiar, it could be time to make the switch.

Your phone bills are skyrocketing

We all know costs are going up, fast. But did you know that switching to a VoIP phone system can save you serious money? This is especially the case if you make a lot of international calls.

With bOnline you can choose a monthly pricing plan that keeps your call cost low and gives plenty of predictability. This can make the management of your costs much easier, plus our prices are some of the lowest around.

Your business is on the grow

Maybe you’re looking to open a new business premises or office, either at home or abroad. Or perhaps you’ve just launched an exciting new product and are therefore seeing your call volumes go through the roof. If this sounds like you, a VoIP phone system could be just the answer.

VoIP systems offer huge flexibility because they work over the internet so don’t need wires and cables. They can also be accessed from any device such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With a bOnline system you can even be given a ‘local’ number, so it looks like your business is located in a particular location even if it isn’t. Plus, the enhanced flexibility makes hybrid working a breeze, no matter where in the world your team - and your customers - are located. It’s simply a case of setting up an account and away you go.

You want to build resilience

As we know already, a VoIP phone system is cloud based so can be accessed from any device anywhere. None of us want to think about the worst happening to our business, but sadly fires, flooding, criminal hacking and server breakdowns are all too common. If anything should happen, you want to know your business can get back up and running again as soon as possible. A VoIP phone system will play a huge part in this, particularly if your website goes down for example. It’s the easiest and quickest way to communicate with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and of course means your team can also work from home and take calls if your office is out of action.

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