Simply Business recognises bOnline as a market leader in small business VoIP

July 7, 2023

With the UK expecting landline phones to be shut down by 2025, businesses are faced with a choice: hop on the VoIP bandwagon or risk being left in a communication black hole with their customers. 

It’s a no-brainer that companies must shift to implementing a VoIP service, and we recognise the difficulties in finding a service provider that is both dependable and trustworthy, easy to use, and aligns with the specific needs of your company.

Simply Business, trusted by over 900,000 businesses, took a closer look at VoIP phone system providers to see which ones are the best for UK small businesses and make that process seamless. 

Rosanna Parrish's informative article dives into VoIP phone systems for small businesses, in which bOnline takes centre stage. Parrish noted how our remarkable reputation sets us apart from our competitors, evidenced by our exceptional customer reviews, affordable VoIP plan options and the bonus of our try before you buy philosophy with free trials before committing. 

We are thrilled to be recognised, and let’s dive deeper into the insightful comments provided by Parrish.

Trustpilot reviews

With over 9,964 reviews on Trustpilot, an average of 4.5/5 stars, our customers highlighted our excellence with captions noting:

“bOnline went the extra mile,”

“Got started easily, with great help,”

“Brilliant broadband provider with superb customer service,”

“Everything I wanted in a phone system,” and “exceptional customer service.”

With over 90% of reviews giving us 4-star ratings and higher, we always strive to provide the best experience possible. We are proud to see so many customers leaving reviews about how we’re helping grow their business in a positive manner. 

Money-saving bundles

VoIP and fibre broadband go hand-in-hand with helping UK businesses level up in a powerful way - and we believe they should both be affordable! Our money-saving bundles, combine a VoIP phone and full-fibre broadband to provide ultrafast internet, unlimited calling, and 45+ calling features. 

Unbeatable pricing 

It’s true! Businesses can save huge with our affordable VoIP offers. This includes £47.40 off our unlimited calling service in the first 12 months with our £9.95 a month promotional offer for all new businesses. Enjoy a digital phone line and local number, unlimited inbound calls, and unlimited calls to UK landline and mobiles, plus 45+ other business calling features.

Designed for business owners, not IT wizards

Our mission is to help small businesses transition seamlessly to VoIP digital telephony as the BT PSTN Shutdown forces a seismic shift from 100-year copper technology to a digital future. We’ve designed our product to be easy to navigate to allow first-timer VoIP users to use our service without needing an IT guru on hand. This includes our MYbOnline portal providing 24/7 access to manage call flows, professional greetings, etc.

FREE TRIALS - Our TRY before you BUY philosophy


We want to ensure that you will enjoy the service we provide. We stand by our try before you buy philosophy, offering a 7-day free trial before selecting a plan. We believe businesses should always insist on this before locking into a contract, and we want you to be confident in your choice. That’s why you can test out your service before switching to VoIP to make sure it’s right for you and your business.

50+ business calling features

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by leveraging our 50+ calling features. Specifically designed for small business owners, these features provide capabilities that aren’t available with traditional landlines. Unlock a range of features, including text-to-speech greetings, on-demand call recording, plus call forwarding and efficient call flow management. These features enable you to streamline your call handling processes, while also keeping track of customer needs and concerns, allowing you to address them promptly and enhance your business operations.

Simply Business highlighted multi-factor authentication features as a point of concern; however, our mobile apps support bio-metics logins as well as our customer portal proving the option to enforce Google authentication if preferred. We’re actively incorporating more security options in the latest version of our product due to be released in 2023. 

Additionally, our product team is constantly improving our product based on customer feedback and where the market is moving to next, so we’ve passed this along customisable call lists and the integration of an auto-dialer system for our future product roadmap or integrations. 

Is your business ready for VoIP?

Time is running out, with the landline switch off just around the corner. But signing up for a new VoIP system can be daunting, with lots of things to consider.

Why not sign up for our free 7-day trial? It’s the best way to test out all the business-friendly features on offer with no obligation.

The fact is, the right VoIP system can save your business time and money, whilst also giving it a professional new look. And in these straightened times, every penny counts.


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