Landline switch off

Today is the day! No more new landlines - permanently

September 5, 2023

Known as the “landline stop-sell”, from today - 5th September 2023 - no more new landlines are to be sold in the UK. It’s big news, affecting businesses and residential households alike, and forms part of the landline switch off that’s due to complete by December 2025.

Why is the landline switch off happening?

The copper landline network we all use is well over 100 years old. It’s difficult and expensive to maintain, and no longer meets the needs of modern communications technology.

Openreach announced back in 2015 that landlines will gradually be switched off over the following 10 years. This means that to make and receive phone calls, you’ll now need to use a digital phone system (VoIP).

We cover a lot of details about VoIP, what it is and how to get a VoIP system, on our website. You may also find these articles useful:

How will the landline stop-sell affect my small business?

Whilst small businesses that are currently using traditional landlines can continue doing so for now, no more new landlines can now be purchased. So if you take on more staff for example, or take over another premises, you may find you’ll hit problems.

Having said that, one of the (many) benefits of a VoIP digital phone system is that you don’t need any extra lines when a new staff member joins, or if you move premises. You simply give them a log on to your system and away they go. This can also save you money in new landline costs.

Fancy a free VoIP trial?

Signing up for a new VoIP phone system for your business can be a worry. There are lots of VoIP providers out there, each offering different packages, features and prices.

That’s why at bOnline we offer a totally free 7-day trial so you can test out all the business-friendly VoIP features on offer without the commitment. Then, if you do find it suits your business (and we hope it will!), you can easily and quickly use your dashboard to continue with one of our monthly pricing packages.

Got a question or need further advice?

If you would like to ask us anything about the stop-sell, the landline shutdown or anything else about our VoIP services, feel free to call our expert team on 0203 617 9950.


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