How to Troubleshoot Common VoIP Problems

October 27, 2023

Troubleshooting common VoIP problems can keep your digital phone system running in tiptop condition. But if you hit trouble, there are a few simple steps you can take to help solve the problem. Here are our tips: 

Reboot Your VoIP Equipment

Basically the famous ‘off and on again’ can help. Make sure you restart all your devices including phones, tablets and routers. Sometimes this is all that’s needed.

Check Your Internet Connection

Still having problems? Make sure your internet is stable and high enough speed. VoIP needs a reliable connection for the clearest calls, especially video calling (fibre broadband is strongly recommended).

Run a Speed Test to Check Your Upload and Download Speeds

At least 100 kbps is best for VoIP. But for crystal clear call quality, we say the higher the better (especially if you have a lot of users).

Test With Different Devices

Use another device to try and make a call and see if the problem happens again. So if you usually use your smartphone, try using your tablet instead. It could be that the problem is with the device, rather than your phone system.

Update Your Hardware and Software

Make sure your VoIP hardware (headsets, phones, routers) is working properly and is compatible with your VoIP service. Additionally, check that you’re using the latest version of your digital VoIP phone system, including the app.

Make Sure Your VoIP Devices Are Updated

Following on from the above, check your devices are also updated to rule out any compatibility issues. Go through each device in turn, including your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Check for Network Congestion

If you have a lot of people using the internet at the same time, the high amount of traffic could be reducing your call quality. This is especially the case if other users are using up the bandwidth gaming or streaming. Again, fibre is a good solution here.

Check for Power Outages

If you have a VoIP phone system, check for power outages that could be disrupting your VoIP equipment. You may be better off using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for essential VoIP devices.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

If you’ve tried a few of these ideas and are still having trouble, our friendly expert team is here to help. Simply call us on 0203 617 9950 - you may find our Help section useful too.

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