What are VoIP fixed numbers?

April 11, 2023

Fixed VoIP numbers are linked to an actual bricks-and-mortar address, just like a normal landline. This is the opposite of non-fixed VoIP numbers that are virtual so can target many geographical areas.

What does a fixed VoIP number mean? 

A fixed VoIP phone number uses an internet-based (rather than traditional copper) phone line, but is attached to a physical address. However, if you move your business premises, you can still take your fixed VoIP number with you by ‘porting’ it across.

Don’t forget, with the landline switch off happening by 2025, a VoIP phone is an ideal solution that’s growing fast in popularity.

How does fixed VoIP work? 

A fixed VoIP service doesn’t need a physical line, even though it’s linked to a specific address. Due to the fact there’s no line, a fixed VoIP business phone system uses the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) to recognise its location before it transfers the signal to the internet.

Traditional analogue lines rely on cables that often need to span thousands of miles. But one of the big advantages of VoIP phone systems as a whole is that they require very little equipment or maintenance - it’s very much ‘plug and play’.

What is the difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone numbers?

As we know, fixed VoIP lines need to be attached to a physical address. But there are some other key differences too.

For example, local and international call plans and prices can vary a lot, which is why you’ll need to do your homework before choosing your VoIP provider. Make sure you understand where any hidden charges lie too, for example whether you’ll be charged any porting costs.

The pros and cons of fixed VoIP 

Many small business owners like the relative flexibility of a non-fixed VoIP number. But if you’re keen to port numbers from your old provider over to your new system, a fixed VoIP option can work well. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and energy gaining customer trust with the old numbers, so changing contact or billing information can be a real pain. Again, this is where a fixed VoIP number can be a good way forward. As fixed VoIP numbers are linked to an address, it can also be beneficial if you ever need to call the emergency services. 

Finally, fixed VoIP numbers are generally considered to be more secure, simply because hackers or scammers would need a physical address to sign up. These types of numbers are also not so attractive to criminals as they’re easier to trace.

In terms of disadvantages, sometimes international calls in particular can be more costly with fixed VoIP. You also won’t be able to get a fixed VoIP number outside of the UK unless you have a physical office there. This would mean any local customers would need to call long-distance when contacting your business which may not fit your business needs.

Fixed v’s non-fixed VoIP: Which is better? 

The answer to this question really depends on the type of business you’re running and what your objectives are. 

So you can make the best decision for you, you’ll need to understand how both fixed vs non-fixed VoIP phone numbers work as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both. Hopefully this article has given you a broad overview, but the best way forward is to call our team for a more tailored discussion. Feel free to call us on 0808 258 9363 so we can help.

How to find the best business VoIP provider 

Again, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. There are all sorts of different VoIP providers out there offering a range of services and features.

When you sign up for a VoIP phone system with bOnline we complete the switch for you remotely. This means we don’t need to come out, there’s no technical knowledge needed by you and no downtime either. Each system also comes with a huge range of super business-friendly features, including call redirect, call waiting, voicemail, video calling, hold music and much more. You can also access your bOnline VoIP system from any internet-connected device including your laptop, tablet or mobile phone - so you never need to miss a call again. Plus, our prices are always some of the lowest around - without compromising on quality.

Still not sure?

Why not sign up for a free 7-day trial? There’s no commitment and it’s a great way to try out all of the features a bOnline VoIP system has to offer.


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