What Equipment Do I Need to Install and Use VoIP?

March 7, 2023

The equipment you need to install the VoIP phone system is super easy to attain, install, and use. In fact, you don’t need very much equipment at all and before you know it you’ll be making use of VoIP’s innovative and productive features.  

Can I Install VoIP at Home and How? 

Yes, you can absolutely install VoIP at home. It’s really quite easy to set up, install and use. The first thing you want to do is to get proper voip phone equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the VoIP phone equipment needed. 

High-Speed Internet Connection

Since the VoIP phone system is a cloud-based phone system, you’re going to need a solid, high-speed internet connection to use VoIP. According to VoIP experts, it’s recommended your broadband connection speed is at least 10 MBPS. If you’d like even faster speeds and increased quality, it’s worth looking into fibre based options.

Looking to Boost Your Internet Connection?

At bOnline, we have a range of super quick, high-quality broadband and fibre connectivity packages on offer to meet your data needs. 


Our broadband options start at just £17.95 per month. You can expect speeds of up to 24Mbps, activation and wireless router, a line rental and unlimited downloads. 

Business Fibre

Our business fibre options start at £32.00 per month. You can expect these fantastic features: 160 Mbps download speed, 30 Mbps upload speed, a Nextgen wireless router, and unlimited downloads.

VoIP Phone Service  

The first thing you need in terms of VoIP phone equipment is to take out an adequate VoIP phone service. However, selecting a VoIP provider is not that easy. There are plenty of providers out there with various packages and pricing. 

When deciding on your provider, you’ll have to think about a few things, including your budget, the nature of your business and the features you need. 


A VoIP headset is great to have since it gives you a microphone to capture your voice and transmit in the form of clear audio signals. Many headsets have unique features such as noise-cancelling, call forwarding, call muting, bluetooth connectivity and much more. It’s often slim, compact, easy to wear and use with long-lasting durability.  

Have a look at bOnline’s range of VoIP headsets on offer. 

VoIP Compatible Devices 

The business phone system VoIP is flexible enough to run on any device that has your call software installed. Some of the devices include a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and VoIP phone.

VoIP Phone/IP Phone 

In terms of hardware, you could decide to purchase a VoIP phone, otherwise known as an IP phone.  

bOnline has a wide range of affordable, flexible and easy to use IP phones with plenty of talk time hours, long-lasting batteries, noise cancelling technology and stunning call quality that ensures audio is heard and transmitted with crystal clear clarity.

Integrating VoIP Into Other Software

It’s incredibly easy to integrate VoIP with your existing software such as an HR application CRM. Integrating VoIP into your software makes for faster work compared to using numerous software for each action. For example, if you didn’t have VoIP, you would have to wait until a call is complete before you are able type in a customer phone number into the CRM. With VoIP, you get to input this data into the CRM whilst on a call. 

What Are the Benefits to VoIP Business Phone Systems? 

VoIP phone systems have plenty of handy benefits for small, medium, large, and micro businesses alike. Some of these benefits include: 


VoIP allows you to make a substantial amount of high-quality, low-cost calls every month. You get to grow your business far quicker than if you were using traditional landline phones, which tend to cost a lot more to install and use.  

You have the opportunity to use your budget on other important areas of your business like marketing, advertising, HR, and product development. 

Call From Anywhere

Another factor that speaks to VoIP’s flexibility is that VoIP allows you to access all of its features and make important calls from any location. 

Wide Range of Communication Features 

The VoIP phone system gives you a diverse range of great communication options, including video calling, chat messaging, and its audio features that you can access from one easy-to-use system. 


With video calling, you can host and partake in critical team meetings where you can exchange important feedback, ideas, and important news. VoIP’s video calling option features excellent visual and audio quality. 

The chat messaging feature means that you don’t have to use another application to send text messages, saving you time, data, and money. 

Enhance Productivity

You get to boost your productivity levels when you’re able to record your own calls as well as your team member’s with the call-recording feature. You can then analyse and provide feedback on potential adjustments to be made. Call-recording can also be used as a method to access evidence of any significant statements that are made in case any disputes arise between you and another party.

Free VoIP Trial

Unsure if a VoIP business phone is right for your company? At bOnline, we offer a 7 day free trial, along with free no obligation demos to businesses in the UK. Sign up for your trial today and see where it takes you.


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