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What makes VoIP 2022’s most disruptive technology benefiting small businesses?

January 19, 2022

With so many people becoming digitally aware, the demand for VoIP phone systems is rising fast. However, you may be wondering what exactly this means and how it applies in your daily life or business. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about this innovation and why there is so much buzz around it.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a digital phone system that has the potential to revolutionise business communications. It offers features such as HD audio and video calls, call conferencing for team meetings or conference calling with customers in just one click! With landlines being so time-consuming and outdated; this technological advancement can make your life easier while still providing high-quality service.

You'll never have another excuse not to get those important messages across quickly again if you use an Internet Protocol (VoIP) based telephone line at the home office!

Why VoIP is such a critical success factor for small business owners?

The VoIP phone system offers a wide range of features that will help you grow your business. With Openreach's plan on switching off their ISDN network by 2025, it is time for all UK business owners using traditional telephones (including landlines) to migrate to SIP trunk-based IP phone services. It makes no sense in keeping old systems when we can do so much better with modern technology!

Here are some features of VoIP to explain further why small business owners should choose VoIP over traditional landlines:

• Efficiency

VoIP phones are the best way to communicate with employees and customers. Employees will be able to get their messages faster, which means they can be more efficient at work; potential clients could have a much easier time reaching out because you're always reachable anywhere and on any device when someone needs help!

• Security

The cloud is a safe haven for your company's data and software.  Not only does it provide peace of mind, but with automatic software updates and security measures that are managed by the provider - you don't have to worry about anything!

• Flexibility

VoIP offers a wealth of benefits for those who are constantly on the move. As an app, your VoIP phone can be easily downloaded and used with any mobile device - meaning you never have to worry about losing track of it or having access when away from home office space! Not only does this save money by not renting out additional workstations in various locations but also means that all voicemail messages will show up via email as well without needing physical playback equipment like answering machines.

• Affordability

Despite the abundance of features, VoIP phone systems are 65% cheaper than legacy landlines which come with no features.  These low-cost services will be perfect for any company with a need to communicate nationally or internationally and at unbeatable prices!

• Scalability

When you need to assign or reassign a new extension, use VoIP. It's quick and easy! Just log into the software with your details.  VoIP systems offer a great deal of flexibility in determining where your office can be located. Expansion becomes easy in such a case. You could have several offices across different neighbourhoods, cities and even abroad at little additional cost!

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How to select the right VoIP provider for your small business?

  1. Take into account what features do you want for your small business and what is your budget
  2. Search for VoIP providers online
  3. Compare based on deals, features and reviews
  4. Look if the provider you shortlist does not bind you in any long term contracts
  5. Make an informed decision

Final word

Small business owners should consider using bOnline if they want the most reliable and secure phone system. bOnline is the UK’s most awarded telecom provider.

bOnline is 100% focused on servicing the needs of UK-based small businesses. Our VoIP phone allows you to make calls easily from anywhere in your office or home without having to worry about cord lengths!

You deserve an honest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider who can cater exclusively to their customers' unique characteristics not only with quality service delivery but also with competitive pricing plans too. The top-quality reviews on Google & Trustpilot show how much people love their experience here at bOnline, so don't wait any longer and contact us now!


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