Who can I call with a VoIP mobile?

July 6, 2023

Understanding how to navigate the switch to VoIP isn’t always easy (we get it!) However, you don’t need any first-hand knowledge to operate VoIP services, especially at bOnline where we handle everything for you. Enjoy unlimited calls at no extra cost, and explore 50+ business features that are not available on regular landline phone networks.

How does mobile VoIP work? 

VoIP mobiles are phones that rely on a 4G/5G or internet connection to make calls to anyone and anywhere. 

bOnline makes it easy for your company to integrate a VoIP phone system. Simply put, all you need to do is install the app on your mobile phone or desktop with an internet connection. When using the app to make voice calls, your call data is transformed over WiFi or data connection. 

How to call using VoIP mobile

Making calls using VoIP Mobile is fairly simple. At bOnline we make it that way!

To start off, download the bOnline app on your mobile device. Don’t forget, we offer our 7-day free trial so you can test out all of our features and become comfortable with the app before choosing a payment plan. Make sure you are connected to either a cellular or WiFi network, as all VoIP calls require some sort of internet connection.

Once signed up, bOnline redirects to the start-up page, where you’re given a VoIP number and can access all of the advanced features. After enabling audio settings you are able to get started making calls.

bOnline directly syncs your contacts to your account, allowing you to easily retrieve contacts from your mobile device’s contact list. Additionally, you are able to monitor the flow of your contacts, dividing them into different sections based on your requirements. 

Once you’re set up, making calls is easy. You are able to directly retrieve the dial pad from the drop-down menu. 

Can VoIP call any number? 

Yes, when using a bOnline mobile phone app you are able to make and take business calls from anywhere and to any provider with internet access. VoIP allows you to make calls to any phone number with little to no calling fees. 

Can you call a VoIP phone from a normal landline phone?

Yes. Don’t worry, VoIP phone numbers are very similar to regular phone numbers. Clients and other business professionals are still able to call a VoIP number from their regular phone number. 

Ready to give VoIP a go?

Having a VoIP number for your business means you never have to miss an important call again - even out of hours. Plus it means your business is protected from the landline switch off coming in 2025.

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