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Duntroon Consulting
Charles Jennings

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Providing learning and performance improvement services for corporate, government, and third-sector organisations globally.

As a consultant Charles has been pioneering the virtual/hybrid model for the last 30 years travelling the world to meet his clients from the United States to Australia. Charles owns Duntroon Consulting, a consultancy company.

Why choose a digital phone line (VoIP)?

I was paying far too much for a traditional fixed-line that was tied to the office and didn't include calls or modern features. After researching cheaper alternatives I switched to bOnline phone. Now having the bOnline app on my desktop, laptop, and iPhone I'm able to pick up calls wherever and whenever, without dealing with complex and expensive call forwarding.

Challenges facing modern business owners?

The biggest challenge that business owners face now is having to do a lot more than they needed to do 20 years ago–they have to manage multiple communication channels and be experts in things like social media not just running their business.

Thoughts on the BT Landline shutdown?

The landline shutdown will help UK businesses, but there will be quite a lot of challenges for the massive amount of lines that will have to go digital and if the big telcos can manage it they will need to rethink their approach to small businesses. I'm happy to use a provider like bOnline who is challenging the larger telcos!

“The landline shutdown will help businesses because it will integrate all communication services digitally and provide a lot of flexibility.”
"Digital phone lines will help UK businesses improve their communications and achieve the standards of larger enterprises."
Charles Jennings
Owner of Duntroon Consulting

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