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New Life Wood
Peter Hall

About the business

New Life Wood is an environmentally conscious, recycling charity in South Essex offering timber services at 40% less than most companies with nothing going to waste.

New Life Wood reinvests profits from their lumber sales back into the organisation to fund the work they do with adults who have struggled with substance abuse, are ex-offenders, or are battling mental health conditions.

They are here to encourage, support, and teach new skills to help them get back on their feet and make meaningful changes in their lives. It's motto is “recycling lumber, reducing landfill, and restoring lives,” with a strong emphasis on restoring lives.

Why choose a digital phone line (VoIP)?

When we opened our second office, we needed another phone system and our original provider was quoting a huge price and was not accommodating to our needs and situation.
Switching providers sends the right message - go digital and go to bOnline phone!

Peter on the challenges facing business owners in 2022

Like most new businesses and as a new charity starting, we weren't expecting to be hit by a global pandemic. For any new business cash flow is tight and needs to be managed carefully - it's important to look for suppliers and providers that offer promotions for new and starting businesses - bOnline does this for us!

“We have been using a VoIP phone system for the past 3 years. We wanted a service we can easily add users as we grow, and bOnline phone allow us to mange this ourselves. Additionally, the flexibility and reasonable cost was also a huge selling point!” - Peter Hall
"Finding a provider who is flexible and understands your business needs is key to keep costs low."
Peter Hall
Manager at New Life Wood

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