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Embracing data & digital tools
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Own your success
Jack Waddell
Professional Development Consultancy

About the business

Jack started his professional development company, Own Your Success, in 2019 when he spotted a gap in the UK market. There were professional development companies, but all charged a fortune.

Jack has aspirations of one day being the biggest professional development company in the UK and believes getting the right data and the right digital tools are key to the success of small businesses.

Why choose a digital phone line (VoIP)?

When Jack started Own Your Success, he realised it was far too costly to use a mobile phone contract and it didn't portray the image of a successful professional development company. On top of looking professional, Jack knew he needed to track who and how many people he was speaking to using call reports and data trends. It was important for him to quantify his efforts to complete a sale and acquire a new customer.

Jack choose bOnline, after outgrowing his mobile number and was setup in minutes with a new phone number, unlimited UK calls and international calling package. Jack now has a phone system that suits his professional development company providing him with the data and digital tools he requires for success.

Jack on the challenges facing modern business owners

The hardest part of starting Own Your Success was acquiring our first customer and getting out to the market. However, once the first client was on board, it started to get a bit easier.

New business and sales are the hardest bet in any business to get right. You can contact many people, but that's not the same as getting people to buy.

Modern businesses have an advantage of using digital tools to help them seem larger than they are - this can help with getting the first customer and also providing the best customer experiences - all modern businesses must be digital-first and focused on data and using the right tools.

With bOnline, I’m able to access call data & trends while saving money and sounding professional

Jack's take on businesses switching to digital phone lines

For the business, switching to a digital phone line is very advantageous. When it comes to the expansion, you’re able to hire someone from anywhere in the world–just send them a laptop, get them logged on, and they can start. People have been off landlines for a couple of years, but having a landline phone you can answer on your mobile or laptop is helpful if you are a small business, especially if when you're now able to see patterns in the data with reports (even if you’re busy).

"With bOnline, I'm able to save on costs and international calls, with the convenience of calling anyone from anywhere at any time."
Jack Waddell
Founder & CEO of Own Your Success

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