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Coaching customers to sound
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The Vocal Bureau
Simone Laraway
Voice coach

About the business

Simone has been a voice coach for over 20 years. She specialises in coaching cold calling and advises people on how to get on the phone, how to sound professional, and make calls. Just after lockdown, Simone needed to reevaluate her career plans which led her to start The Vocal Bureau.

Why choose a digital phone line (VoIP)?

I decided to transition to a digital phone line (VoIP phone system) primarily because of the cost. Working alone, having a digital phone line makes much more sense cost-wise as it allows me to work remotely and includes call costs in the price.

With bOnline phone, I'm able to have a London phone number which elevates my professional image with the flexibility of being able to work anywhere in the country.

Flexibility in location and my ability to grow or add more lines as I needed was important as from time-to-time I hire freelancers to help.

Switching to VoIP

Simone believes that the landline shutdown will definitely be advantageous for small businesses.

“A traditional landline is more expensive and you’re stuck. With a VoIP phone, you can pick up your business and move anywhere without the hassle and its cheaper!"
"With bOnline phone, I can easily add more lines when I need freelancers to help with my workload."
Simone Laraway
Founder of the Vocal Bureau

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