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bOnline broadband helps the Calli Pizza Cafe keep costs low

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Calli Pizza Cafe

In today's climate of economic uncertainty, Jane Hagan decided to take her fate into her own hands by opening Calli Pizza Cafe in Cornwall. Focusing on customer experience and nourishment, the restaurant has quickly become a local favourite. 

Despite limited investment and the pandemic, Jane's working to achieve her goal of owning a self-sufficient business. A key step to help reach this goal was deciding on using bOnline as a business broadband provider. The fair and wholesale business broadband prices have helped Calli Pizza Cafe keep costs and bills low while the business establishes itself and meets the needs of customers. With Jane at the helm, it's clear that anything is possible with a little hard work and determination.

Why Jane chose bOnline broadband? 

Jane is busy. She owns her own business, and she has a lot of demands on her time. The last thing she wanted was to have to worry about her business broadband connection. She wanted something that was affordable and reliable. So she chose bOnline business broadband. bOnline offers a the option for a 12 or 24 month fixed-price contract (Jane chose 24 months), which has saved Jane even more money. And we haven't let her down. There haven't been any interruptions in the connection. Jane is happy with the reliable service she's getting from bOnline.

How bOnline is helping Calli Pizza Cafe

As a restaurant owner, Jane is always looking for ways to improve her customers' dining experience. When she was considering whether to install a broadband network for her business, she wanted a system that would be straightforward and get the job done so that her customers could focus on engaging with each other and the restaurant's atmosphere. After doing some research, she decided that a bOnline broadband was the best option for her business. The installation process was quick and easy, and the network has been working flawlessly ever since. 

Calli Pizza Cafe isn’t just about pizza or a concept, it’s about Jane and the dining experience she can provide to every customer. Jane is very knowledgeable about cuisine and people come to her restaurant to have a whole unique experience. The restaurant aims to provide customers with nourishment, not only physically but emotionally. People go to Calli Pizza Cafe for nourishment, security, and friendship.

What Jane thinks of bOnline’s Broadband 

While Jane describes herself as someone who is not “tech-savvy,” she feels confident when she uses bOnline broadband. It’s a simple and easy to use for people who may not be technology focused. Using broadband gives Jane's business a specific advantage of affordable reliability and the comfort of five star rated customer service if she needs it (we're a friendly bunch).

“I wanted an affordable and reliable connection. I chose bOnline broadband based on price and service reviews and I've not been dissapointed!"
Jane Hagan
Founder of Calli Pizza Cafe

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