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Covenant Recruitment

Covenant Recruitment's process is unique in that it focuses on connecting the right candidate with the right employer. In order to do this, Covenant takes the time to understand how companies work and how candidates feel. This allows Covenant to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities. As a result, Covenant is able to provide its clients with the best possible matches. This, in turn, helps companies to save time and money while also ensuring that they find the most qualified candidates for their open positions. Ultimately, Covenant Recruitment's mission is to help both employers and candidates succeed.

The inspiration behind Covenant Recruitment

Faisal has had a long and successful career in recruitment, but he always felt there was room for improvement. After years of working for others, he decided to start his own firm, Covenant Recruitment. With a team of seven highly-skilled professionals, Covenant is quickly making a name for itself as a company that is changing the recruitment landscape. It works with some of the biggest names in retail, tech and many other industries to help them find the best staff for their needs.  Their mission is simple: to make the process of finding top talent easier and more efficient than ever before. Using a personalised approach, Covenant is helping businesses and job seekers to save time and money while still finding the best possible candidate/position.

Helping people through a sincere approach

Covenant recruitment has taken a different approach to its business model. Their goal is to recognise the needs of both employers and job seekers. This helps them to be able to approach each client with a more personal touch. Honesty sets them apart from their competitors. If they can't help, they respond to them in an honest manner and tell them to approach someone else. This policy has won them a lot of trust from both their clients and employees. As a result, they have been able to maintain a good reputation in the industry.

“I absolutely love bOnline, I feel valued and appreciated as a customer. The staff at bOnline are genuine lovely people!"
Founder of Covenant Recruitment

How using a digital phone has empowered Covenant recruitment

“We've been using bOnline phone for a while now, and we have to say that we're really happy with the switch. It's so much more cost-effective than a traditional phone, and as long as you have an internet connection, you're good to go. Plus, it's a lot more simple to use than you might expect for VOIP as this is MADE for small business owners, which is great for businesses but also for everybody. By using a digital phone line, we feel that we are ahead of the curve.

Since switching to bOnline, we have noticed a massive difference in our phone service. The quality of the service is commendable, and the staff is always down to Earth and helpful. We especially appreciate that there was no pressure to purchase the product - unlike other companies we've looked into. We would absolutely recommend bOnline to anyone looking for great digital phone service.”

Faisal’s take on the digital phone line upgrade happening in the UK

“It's no secret that we are living in a digital world. More and more, it has become necessary for businesses to digitise in order to stay competitive. Many countries have already made the switch to digital, and it's now time for the UK to do the same. There are some areas without full-fibre access, but this upgrade will help each area to get the benefits of full-fibre. With full-fibre, businesses will be able to operate more efficiently and effectively. In addition, full-fibre will allow businesses to connect with their customers in new and innovative ways. The bottom line is that the digital upgrade will definitely help businesses to upgrade. It's time for the UK to take advantage of the benefits of full-fibre and join the rest of the world in the digital age.”

“I have received the best customer service from bOnline, far better than most companies I deal with, whether that be over the phone or in person - no one compares!”

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