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Ex Army House Clearance Services

The idea behind EX Army House Clearance Services

Colin's friend told him about the process of clearance and how it helped people in getting rid of their unwanted belongings. Colin was impressed by the idea and thought that he could do something similar. He started his own business, Ex-Army House Clearance Services with the aim of helping people in getting rid of their unwanted belongings. 

The process of clearance is simple - people can contact Colin and his team to have their unwanted belongings cleared away. The team will then come to the property and clear away the items, before disposing of them in a responsible manner. They offer a professional and efficient service, and their motto is 'no job is too big or too small'. In addition to helping people to declutter their homes, Colin's business also has a social conscience - by working with local charities, they ensure that any items which can be reused or recycled are donated, rather than being sent to landfill. As a result, Colin's business is not only helpful but also environmentally friendly. The business quickly grew in popularity as people appreciated Colin's efficiency and low prices.

“bOnline is amazing and makes my business far more professional.”
Founder of Ex-Army House Clearance Services

Adapting a futuristic digital approach

For Colin, the biggest challenge has been getting more work. But he's also struggled with maintaining a professional image for his small business. He knew he needed a separate phone line for his business. Colin came up with the idea of using a digital phone line to solve this problem. A digital phone line allows him to have a separate phone number for his business that is displayed on his website and marketing materials. A digital phone line looks more professional than a personal mobile number, and it allows Colin to keep his personal number private. Colin is excited about this solution because it will help him to better serve his clients and grow his business. This solution has been a game-changer for Colin, and he is now able to focus on what he does best - running his business. Thanks to the digital phone line by bOnline, Colin is on his way to achieving his goals.

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