Don’t let your website design go stale: The importance of website redesigns for small businesses

With the rapid change in trends with website design and the way search engines are finding websites through things like website layout and “juice” it imperative to keep your website up to date. Having your website redesigned once a year at the very least is so important. Google are forever changing the ways in which they rank websites and they are leaning towards design more than ever at the moment. Search engines tend to appreciate websites much more if their features conform to latest design trends and layouts. Customers also appreciate this as it shows that you are updating the site regularly.

It’s very important to have your site looking equally as impressive throughout all devices. Mobiles are steadily overtaking any other device when it comes to how websites are being viewed initially by users which is why it is imperative that you have your website redesigned to work as effectively on a mobile device as it does on a laptop, tablet or desktop. A lot of companies design primarily for mobile devices proving the importance of how they look when compressed. Have a look at your website on your mobile phone today. If it doesn’t look right then have a serious think about a redesign.


Social media integration is something else that is vitally important to the design of any website. Social media provides free marketing and is something every business should be taking advantage of. If you don’t have the relevant social media pages for your business or they aren’t integrated to your website then you need to look into getting a redesign. Users will click through to them on your website and vice versa giving you more likes, more hits and above all, turn your business into a more respected and reputable one.


Re-branding your business is almost as important as redesigning your website. It doesn’t have to be done as often but is very important to stay relevant in terms of design. With all re-branding should come website redesign. A new logo, colour scheme or graphics campaign will NOT work or fit in with an old, dated website design. There must be coherence within design and layout and matching the branding to your website will create a nice flow with the business. Business cards, stationary and clothing all must be updated with the new branding and the website is no different. In fact it should be your top priority when re-branding.

When it comes to analysing your websites design and layout, you should be looking at what your more successful competitors are doing with theirs. Trust me, the more successful competitors will have the most up to date websites in terms of design and content. You need to stay one step ahead of them. Read up on what makes a website design great in 2016. Do your research and get your website redesigned in accordance to that research. If you have had your website for over six months and not had any design work done on it since the original design then ask for some advice. Do some competitor research and see what they are doing to keep up to speed.

These days, a small business website is a persons shop front. It needs to look as good as possible. Stay on top of things when it comes to design and you should attract the right customers.

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Sam is head of design services at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for creating a beautiful business website and getting the most out of bOnline's website design tools.

About Sam Greensted

Sam is head of design services at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for creating a beautiful business website and getting the most out of bOnline's website design tools.

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