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bOnline is the perfect partner to set up and manage your IT infrastructure - faster and more cheaply than you can. We provide low-cost cloud services tailored to small and growing businesses. Our expert staff provide 5-star support so you can focus on running your business.

Our vision for the next generation of small businesses

The Internet has changed everything for the small business owner. They have never had it this good with such powerful communication and productivity tools at their fingertips.

But that also means having to set up their digital infrastructure properly and having to select and manage so many different suppliers. It takes money and expertise to manage it all.

That’s where we come in. With bOnline, a small business owner can get all their critical online services - i.e. fibre broadband, website design & VoIP - all in one place with best-in-class products for an honest price, paired with excellent customer support.



Fibre broadband

Cloud phone system (voip)



PPC & Social ads

Was 5+ suppliers

Domain name hosting coDomain

IT supportEmail

Telecom service providerFibre broadband

VoIP providerCloud phone system (voip)

Design agency + Web hostWebsite

Marketing agencySEO

Marketing agencyPPC & Social ads

All these services are inter-connected so one poor provider can affect multiple services. You are only as good as your weakest link.

Who do you call when your website is down? Your domain provider, your web designer or your web hosting provider?

Who do you call when you have voice quality issues with your cloud phone system? Your broadband provider or your VoIP provider?

Building bOnline - Our story from the start

At the start, 2011, we focussed on single product area - websites - and set out to make a difference. At the time, over 50% of UK small businesses had zero online presence, and the ones that did were left to pay thousands of pounds to agencies, use a fly-by-night freelancer or go at it alone with an amateurish, DIY template.

After three years bOnline was helping more than 3,000 businesses with an online web presence. Due to overwhelming customer feedback, we took on the same philosophy with SEO, PPC and other digital products that small businesses need to connect with online customers.

Before starting bOnline, Anthony had founded XLN Telecoms. Since leaving the telecoms industry, Anthony witnessed enormous and erroneous price raises year after year by the large telecoms providers, which continue to hurt small businesses and high street mum & pop shops.

bOnline were ready to add our second product: business broadband and phone lines. Working with our loyal customer base and industry partners we launched our second service connecting small business with broadband and phone lines for fair prices. Our no-frills prices and 5-star service shook up the market. Within two years we had connected more than 10,000 businesses, allowing them to operate for less.

As we approached 2018, we looked to the future - cloud technology - and how small businesses would benefit from incorporating cloud communication into their daily operations to increase productivity whilst reducing operating costs.

Cloud-based phone systems, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is the perfect solution for solo-entrepreneurs and growing teams whether in the office or on the go. Not only can a business make calls for less, but they can also do much more such as conference calling with screen sharing, call recording and auto receptionist. Most importantly they can grow their teams and communicate with them anytime, anywhere. To date, bOnline have been instrumental in making business-grade services affordable to small businesses in three areas and counting - websites, telecoms and VoIP - leaving more money for the small business owner.

To be continued...

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