VOIP Business Phone Systems For Small Business Heroes

Easy, reliable and fairly priced VoIP phone systems
for freelancers, startups and growing small businesses.

2-min setup
No card & no commitment
Best Small Business VoIP Provider

Helping your small business succeed
with VoIP needn’t be a big ordeal.

We make it so easy.
Setup in 2-mins and so intuitive
you’ll feel tech-savvy even if
you’re not.

It’s smart with you in mind.
A smart system with
45+ features designed around
your needs.

You can rely on us.
Award-winning support with
rock-solid reliability that guarantees
no downtime.

Our prices are fair.
Simple pricing with no surprises
and a price match guarantee for peace of mind.

A business phone line… only better.

Boost your business with powerful VoIP features so you can focus on tackling each day head-on.

Sound professional & win trust

Build trust with a local search-friendly number and win more business by answering calls with a branded welcome greeting.

Never miss a call again

Handle multiple calls when busy with queues and hold music, and easily divert to voicemail or other numbers when you can’t answer.

Work from anywhere

Enjoy superb HD-quality calls on any device throughout the UK and while travelling without roaming or international costs.

Give the hero time off

Easily set closed hours and holidays so your business calls divert straight to voicemail or to your team during personal time.

Grow with confidence

Scale easily by adding more numbers and team members and using call reports to better manage peak times and missed calls.

Fast and easy to setup

Start making calls now with our 2-minute setup – no engineers, no disruption, no techie gurus.


Choose your number

Or you can easily transfer your current one later.


Get the apps

Use your mobile, laptop or desk phone to make calls.


Start calling

Hear the difference in high-definition call quality.

Everything you need to run your business

Packed with 45+ smart features for small businesses.

HD call quality

Crystal-clear digital calls

Call menus

Add call groups, queues and redirects

Mobile & desktop apps

Work from anywhere on any device

Hold music

That professional feel

Greetings editor

Type, record or upload greetings

Contact syncing

Access to your mobile contacts

Call recording

Saved in call history, on-demand

Call reports

Analyse peak times & missed calls

Trusted & loved by 50,000 UK small businesses

What our small business heroes have to say

“Now I’m saving on costs, especially when I can see the patterns in the data with reports and take action.”


Jane S
Founder & CEO of Own Your Success

“With bOnline, I’m able to take calls as I need from anywhere while maintaining a professional image.”


Ammar M
Founder, Mortgages Through Ammar

“bOnline phone helps manage my time and gives customers information when I can’t answer the phone.”

Gordon R
Chartered Surveyor

“We weren’t happy with our previous supplier. bOnline has been outstanding in following up and informing me of every step”


Katie B
Founder & CEO of I Wanna Be Role Play Village

“I felt worried about my personal mobile number being out there and was fed up of spam calls. I also didn’t want to carry two phones around”


Laura B
Founder, Brown Owl

UK’s most awarded VoIP provider
for small businesses


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Unbeatable plans & pricing

Simple with no surprises and a price match guarantee for peace of mind.

Digital phone line & number
Unlimited inbound calls
100 outbound landline minutes
Unlimited Calling
Digital phone line & number
Unlimited inbound calls
Unlimited UK landline & mobile calls*
Unlimited Calling Plus
Digital phone line & number
Unlimited inbound calls
Unlimited UK landline & mobile calls*
Included desk phone
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Frequently asked questions

What is a bOnline VoIP phone and what can it do?
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Our VoIP phone systems are a digital virtual landline and phone system that’s becoming more and more popular in the UK over time. This is largely due to landlines being soon switched off.

They work in a really similar way to normal landlines, except for when you make and receive calls the sound is transferred over the internet instead of via copper wires. You also get extra features with VoIP systems that can really help you manage your business calls and save money. With bOnline these features include call divert, voicemail, video conferencing, hold music, access to call analytics and much more.

Is bOnline cheaper than a landlines or mobile?
faq arrow

Yes! bOnline is cheaper as we include calling minutes in our plans and pass on wholesale savings. So our prices are some of the most competitive around. Plus you’ll be protecting your business from the landline switch-off coming very soon.

Are bOnline phone systems reliable?
faq arrow

bOnline phone is suited for all your business needs! We run on the UK’s #1 carrier network – Gamma – which handles more than 3.5 million calls at peak times.

What types of businesses use bOnline phone systems?
faq arrow

A huge range of small business across different industries rely on bOnline phone systems every day. From freelance writers to dog groomers to hairdressers to builders. And so, so many more!

Can I keep my existing phone number?
faq arrow

Yes! We can transfer your existing phone number. This usually takes 10-20 days and we handle the switch for you. Simply let us know and we can sort it.

What devices can I use?
faq arrow

bOnline phone works on a range of devices: desktop, mobile, laptop and IP phones can be easily added to our dashboard.

Do I have to go digital?
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Landlines in the UK are very soon to be switch off permanently affecting everyone. The reason is because the technology is over 100 years old, expensive to maintain and no longer meets modern communication needs.

With landlines going, small business owners are looking at VoIP digital phone systems as the main alternative. As calls are sent via the internet in digital ‘packets’ rather than wires, VoIP systems only need an internet connection to work. This not only protects you from the landline shutdown but brings a whole host of call features and clearer sound too.