VoIP is putting small business communication on the enterprise level with reliable connectivity and low monthly costs.

Honest pricing

We are proud of our low prices and guarantee
to beat any VoIP offer you receive.

Short contracts

Our philosophy is simple: We believe
in excellent service, not lengthy contracts.

Easy switching

Switching your business to VoIP with bOnline
couldn’t be easier – we’ll handle everything.

A business phone line… only better.

Transform your business with powerful VoIP features so you can focus on tackling each day head-on.

Sound professional & win trust

Build trust with a local search-friendly number and win more business by answering calls with a branded welcome greeting.

Never miss a call again

Handle multiple calls at once with queues and hold music, and easily divert to voicemail or other numbers when you can’t answer.

Work from anywhere

Enjoy superb HD-quality calls on any device throughout the UK and while travelling without roaming or international costs.

Give the hero time off

Easily set closed hours and holiday dates so your business calls divert straight to voicemail or to your team during personal time.

Grow with confidence

Scale easily by adding more numbers and team members and using call reports to better manage peak times and missed calls.

Getting Started Is Easy

Start making calls now with our 2-minute setup.


Choose your number

Easily transfer your current one later.


Get the apps

Use your mobile, laptop or web browser to make calls.
(Works with desk & cordless phones too!)


Start calling

Hear the difference in high-definition call quality.


You’re all set

We’ll ring you to make sure, and here if you need us.


Hassle-free switching in 2 minutes

Establish your business with a local number, we offer EVERY UK number prefix and area code.

  • Memorable and non-geographical numbers are available.
  • Select from 020 for London, 0121 for Birmingham and beyond

Maintain business continuity and keep your existing number, with our simple transfer process.

  • Take your numbers with you
  • We do everything for you


Working remotely? Use any device
anywhere with bOnline phone!


  • Make business calls from your computer
  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Sync contacts from your mobile
  • One-click call audio & video meetings


  • Superior call quality & HD voice
  • Available on iOS & Android devices
  • Powerful call controls in your hand
  • Never miss a call

Oh yes, we have all these features & more







Trusted & loved by 50,000 UK small businesses

What our small business heroes have to say

“Now I’m saving on costs, especially when I can see the patterns in the data with reports and take action.”


Jane S
Founder & CEO of Own Your Success

“With bOnline, I’m able to take calls as I need from anywhere while maintaining a professional image.”


Ammar Mushtaq
Founder, Mortgages Through Ammar

“bOnline phone helps manage my time and gives customers information when I can’t answer the phone. Essential as I’m the only one running the business.”

Gordon R.
Chartered Surveyor

Why is VoIP so important for small businesses?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is crucial for small businesses because it significantly reduces communication costs by leveraging internet connectivity for voice calls instead of traditional phone lines. This technology not only cuts expenses but also offers scalability, allowing businesses to easily add or remove lines as they grow or downsize. Additionally, VoIP provides enhanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and virtual meetings, improving overall efficiency and customer service. By integrating with other business applications, VoIP systems streamline operations, making them an essential tool for small businesses aiming to remain competitive and agile.

Frequently asked questions

Stick with the tools you use every day. Discover apps that bOnline integrates with, connect, and go!

What is bOnline phone and what can i do
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bOnline phone is a digital virtual landline and phone system designed to easy to use for UK business owners.

How does bOnline phone help me work
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bOnline phone is virtual so isn’t tied to a fixed location allowing you and your team to work remotely.

Is bOnline cheaper than a landline or mobile
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Yes! bOnline is cheaper as we include calling minutes in our plans and pass on wholesale savings.

Is bOnline phone reliable?
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bOnline phone is suited for all your business needs! We run on the UK’s #1 carrier network – Gamma – which handles more than 3.5 million calls at peak times.

What companies use bOnline phone?
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A range of small business across different industries rely on bOnline phone.

Can I keep my existing phone number?
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Yes! We can transfer your existing phone number. This usually takes 10-20 days and we handle the switch for you.

What devices can I use?
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bOnline phone works on a range of devices: desktop, mobile, laptop and IP phones can be easily added to our dashboard.

Simple & transparent, pence per minute and no silly games
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Prices are excluding VAT and billed monthly per user. Prices are based on a minimum 12-month commitment.

Promos are for 6-months with 12 month contract or 12-months with a 24 month contract and revert to the standard price out of contract.
Unlimited calling is subject to fair usage and terms & conditions apply – visit for more details.

Images are design renderings and may include bOnline phone features currently in development.