Making the Switch to VoIP

Whether your business is switching from a traditional telephone landline, or another VoIP phone system provider your business will start seeing the benefits straight away.

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bOnline makes VoIP clear & simple

Our VoIP phone system is more reliable, more affordable and simple to use.


82% say calls
clearer compared
to a landline.


91% of businesses
find VoIP easy to use.


88% report improved
sales & service levels.

Switching from a traditional landline to VoIP

We take the hassle out of switching phone providers. With just a few minutes, you can let us know you’re ready to make the move and we’ll take care of it from there. Our switching service is simple, completed in days and covered by our simple switch guarantee.

Three instant benefits:

  • Your business anywhere: with number flexibility that allows you to use your existing numbers outside your geographical location.
  • Inclusive calls: enjoy unlimited UK landline and mobile calls at no extra cost.
  • 50+ features: benefit from call management, call reporting and features designed to improve your business communications.

All of bOnline’s phone systems are protected and supported by world-class security and customer service plus we add our own industry-first 30-day ‘love it’ guarantee.

All of bOnline’s phone systems are protected and supported by world-class security and customer service plus we add our own industry-first 14-day ‘love it’ guarantee.


Switching from your current VoIP provider to bOnline

bOnline would be great for your business if you…

  • Feel overwhelmed by choice or underwhelmed with current providers.
    Our customer service and systems are designed to support micro and small businesses.
  • Want to keep everything in one place.
    Have one number to call for your fibre broadband and phone service. No silly games.
  • Find your bills increasing.
    Stop overpaying for services you’re used to. Enjoy all your current features for less.

Why bOnline VoIP is the best choice for sole traders and small businesses

  • Fixed price for up to 12-months with no danger of price hikes. We are proud of our low prices and guarantee to beat any offer that you receive for VoIP cloud phones.
  • Our 14-day ‘love it’ guarantee is an industry first designed to protect your business. No hassle cancellations if you don’t love it.
  • bOnline has been recognised in the industry as the most awarded business VoIP phone for UK businesses with 1-5 employees - so we’re a perfect match!
  • We offer dedicated training sessions, self-help videos and ongoing account management.
  • Our products are specifically created for the small business marketplace in mind. Both in price and customer service, we’re showing small businesses don’t have to settle for less.

Want to know more?

To decide whether VoIP is a good fit for your business we’ve provided a no-obligation information pack to show you why bOnline is the best partner to bring you into the digital age!

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