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How Ammar enjoys the benefits of remote working using bOnline phone

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Mortgages Through Ammar
Ammar Mushtaq
Financial Consulting

About the business

Ammar is a financial advisor and mortgage intermediary who works between the banks and people looking to buy a home. He helps arrange the finance and provides guidance on how and where to find a property.

Ammar started his business, Mortgages Through Ammar in 2021. As a modern sole-trader, Ammar has embraced a hybrid business model of working from home (WFH) as well as using co-working spaces in town, which allows him flexibility and to meet clients in a professional setting when needed.

Business needs

Having outgrown his mobile phone number and looking to achieve a professional image, Ammar needed all his business calls for his new business to come through to his mobile or laptop.

bOnline helped Ammar select the right remote working solution and an unlimited calling package to meet his needs and get him set up in minutes.

The inspiration behind Mortgages Through Ammar

Ammar's been in banking for the past eight years, his goal was always to have the freedom of running his own business.

“I love properties and the maths around it - it's a mix of numbers and emotions, but I get to help people buy their dream home. As my own boss, I can find a lender based on an individual’s needs and help many more clients I come across. Whereas at the bank, there were restrictions and I could only help people with a certain part of the home buying process."

Now with his own business, the opportunities for making it a success are endless.

Operating as a modern sole trader and working remotely

Ammar's part of the new generation of young, ambitious entrepreneurs who've adopted remote working as the new norm. Of course, the success of this business model relies heavily on the tools which enable this type of remote working.
Staying connected with clients and providing a professional image where ever your working from now requires a digital phone line.

Ammar’s take on the digital phone line upgrade happening in the UK

“It will absolutely help businesses, it is the future, and very realistic to empower businesses to cut costs, and work in a more agile way.” As a small business owner in 2022, Ammar can only see the benefits of digital phone lines on modern remote working and productivity.

Q and A with Ammar

  • What are the challenges you face as a modern business owner in 2022?
    “I can only see the benefits of modern working, being able to work remotely, on your terms, we don’t have to follow a traditional office culture to be productive.”
  • When did you realise you needed to use something like bOnline phone?
    “After starting my business, digital phone lines are the future, no restrictions, take calls remotely from anywhere in the world, it’s the best of a mobile and landline combined and professional!”
  • Have you heard of the digital phone line upgrade happening in the UK? Do you think it will help businesses?
    “Absolutely, it is the future, and very realistic to empower businesses to cut costs, work in a more agile way.”
  • You’re using a digital phone, so you are ahead of the game, what advantages/opportunities do you think that gives your business?
“I am agile, adopted, future proof, available when clients need me, more organised with tools on bOnline, and professional with little upgrades such as personalised typed-out greetings and call flows.
"With bOnline, I'm able to take calls as I need from anywhere while maintaining a professional image."
Ammar Mushtaq
Founder, Mortgages Through Ammar

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