5G Mobile Broadband - The Key To Working On The Go

April 5, 2024

For many small business owners, flexibility is so important - after all, you may not not always be working in one place. Perhaps you need to work from a temporary office or even a caravan or mobile home!

5G mobile broadband is the next big thing in getting super fast broadband that can give you this kind of incredible work/life balance, and it’s something we’re excited about at bOnline.

The possibilities are endless.

How Does 5G Broadband Work?

5G broadband is basically a mix of the latest 5G mobile technology and mobile broadband.

With 5G broadband you still get a router which can supply both wired and wireless broadband to devices in your home or vehicle. So you’ll be able to use your PCs, laptops, games consoles, smart speakers and other gadgets that access the internet. 

The difference with 5G broadband is how the router connects to the internet. Instead of using a fibre cable, or an old school phone line, the router connects to the internet using a 5G SIM card, much like the one you have in your mobile phone. The router then connects to local mobile masts and the 5G network in a similar way a 5G-enabled smartphone does when you’re out and about. 

Simply order a router containing a special mobile SIM card, plug it in to a normal power socket in the wall and away you go! You’re now online. 

Why Is 5G Mobile Broadband Ideal For Small Business Heroes?

5G mobile broadband has all sorts of advantages for small businesses, mainly because it’s so easy to use, reliable, relatively cheap and fast, even when out and about.

With much faster data transfer rates than anything that’s gone before, small businesses can upload and download much bigger files, access more cloud space, and have high-quality video calls without any annoying buffering. This is great for more efficient collaboration amongst remote workers especially. Not only that but you can offer a better service to your customers too, whilst staying competitive.

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