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Can I Run My Internet Business From My Caravan or Motorhome?

April 17, 2024

The short answer is yes you can work from your caravan, campervan or motorhome, thanks to a 5G mobile broadband router. So what is it?

Well, a 5G mobile broadband router gives high-speed internet access using the latest cellular technology. It’s great for total flexibility and mobility for users who need internet connectivity to run their small business on the go.

How Does 5G Mobile Broadband Work?

A 5G mobile broadband router works in a similar way to a traditional Wi-Fi router, but instead of connecting to the internet using a cable or DSL connection, it uses a cellular network to connect to the internet instead. Here's how it typically works:

5G Network Connection

The router comes with a built-in modem that connects to a 5G cellular network. This network is provided by a mobile network operator (like O2, Vodafone etc).

SIM Card

The router uses a SIM card, just like a smartphone, to connect to the mobile network. The SIM card contains information unique to the user's account and allows the router to authenticate and connect to the network.


The router has built-in antennas to send and receive signals to and from the 5G network towers. These antennas ensure a stable and fast connection to the cellular network.

Local Network

Once connected to the 5G network, the router creates a local Wi-Fi network within your home or office (or in this case your caravan or motorhome!) You can then connect any devices like your tablet, smartphone or laptop to this Wi-Fi network to get on to the internet.

Data Transmission

Data is transmitted between the connected devices and the internet through the 5G network. The router behaves like a gateway, managing the flow of data between the local devices and the external network.

Data Plan

Just like with your mobile phone contract, in order to use your 5G mobile broadband router you’ll need a data plan. This plan generally comes with a set amount of data usage each month, and often extra data can be added if needed.

Want To Know Your Options Around 5G Mobile Broadband?

When you run a small business, flexibility is key. Working from anywhere, including a caravan, motorhome or similar, can mean a better work/life balance for yourself, your family and anyone you employ.

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