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Are VoIP Phone Systems Easy to Teach Employees?

December 15, 2022

Are VoIP Phone Systems Easy to Teach

VoIP phone systems are frankly ridiculously easy for employees to learn and use. You can have your employees utilising VoIP in no time and allow them to join in on boosting your business productivity and profitability.  

What is a VoIP Phone System? 

A VoIP business phone system uses an internet connection to make and receive calls, instead of the conventional business telephone that relies on landlines and extensions.

VoIP technology converts the audio from our voices into data that is distributed over a data network.  

Is VoIP Easy to Install? 

It is an incredibly easy and quick process to install and make use of a VoIP business phone. Let’s have a look at the various steps in the installation process. 

Step 1: Get A High Speed Internet Connection   

The first thing you want to do is to get a suitable high-speed internet connection able to meet the demands of a VoIP phone system. VoIP experts suggest you utilise a minimum broadband connection speed of 10 MBPS. 

If you’re interested in speeds that are faster than that, you might want to consider fibre based options. 

Step 2: Take Out a VoIP Phone Plan from a Good VoIP Provider  

The second step is to select a VoIP phone plan from a provider that suits your needs. We know how daunting this task can be, but there are some factors you can keep in mind to make your search easier. 

Some of the factors you’ll have to consider include the  provider’s reputation, their speciality, their cost, and the features you need. 

For example, if your business has a large team who makes plenty of calls every month, then you’d probably like to go with a provider that focuses on large teams and a plan that has plenty of talk time. 

If you’re a small business, you could consider bOnline Ltd. We specialise in providing VoIP phone systems for small businesses in the UK.  

Installation Assistance 

To make things even easier, we can help you install a VoIP business phone and help you with any issues along the way.

Step 3: Get a VoIP Compatible Device

VoIP is so fantastically flexible that it can run on any device that has your call software installed. Compatible software include a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and VoIP phone. 

VoIP Phone/IP Phone 

The VoIP phone can make your communication system more concrete and increase your output and speed of work. You’ll be able to work faster and easier when reaching for a physical phone versus changing tabs to access VoIP software. 

bOnline has a wide range of affordable and easy to use IP phones with plenty of talk time hours, long-lasting batteries, noise cancelling technology and stunning call quality that ensures audio is heard and transmitted with crystal clear clarity.

How Easy Is It To Teach VoIP?

VoIP has a very user-friendly interface that is quite easy to learn and use. Employees can become savvy with this technology and start calling customers and colleagues in no time - allowing you to save time and grow your business quickly.  

All VoIP’s communication features, including video calling and chat messaging are super easy to learn and use. What’s more, is that they are all in one place, making for less clutter and better accessibility.  

What Are the Main Benefits of VoIP for Employees? 

VoIP has many great benefits that employees in various industries can benefit from. Whether you’re a small business, freelancer, remote worker or on-site worker, VoIP has advantages that can enhance your working life. 

Superb Quality and Generous Talktime at a Low-Cost 

The brilliant thing about a VoIP phone system is that it gives you a substantial amount of talktime and HD call quality for a really inexpensive price. So if you’re a small business or a non profit organisation with a modest budget, you get to increase customer satisfaction and boost your chances of conversion and growth of your business. 

More Money to Use on More Vital Areas of Business   

If you’re a start-up company, a traditional phone system can be quite expensive to install and make calls every month. This would take quite a big chunk out of your budget. 

With VoIP’s cost-effective pricing, you save a lot more money that you could use on other critical functions such as advertising and product development.   


When you have remote team members and have a traditional, on-site phone system, you lose out due to remote workers not being able to use your phone system. 

With a VoIP business phone system, you win, because remote team members are able to access its benefits no matter where they are working from. 

Virtual Number and Business Area 

If you’re a freelancer or in any situation where you do not have a professional number and listed business area, you might struggle to gain the trust of clients as they might be put off by this. 

We can help you to enhance your credibility and legitimacy as a business by providing you with a virtual number and business area.   


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