Did You Know That 57% of Brits Have No Idea What Their Internet Speed Is?

February 23, 2024

Recent data from YouGov Profiles has revealed that three in five (57%) Britons say they “don’t know” what their internet speed is. Of those who do, a worrying 8% have a speed below 10 mbps.

Why Speed Matters

In days gone by, when things like video calling, streaming and online gaming were in their infancy, internet speed was less of an issue. But nowadays, knowing what speeds you're actually achieving help you make more informed decisions about your web capability, what you need and what it can handle. This is especially important if you're growing a small business where streaming and video calling are a necessity.

So Why Else Should Small Business Owners Care About Their Internet Speeds?

The fact is, knowing your internet speed is essential if you want to run your business smoothly. Plus, with the landline switch-off coming up next year, many small business owners are now turning to VoIP digital phone systems as the main alternative. These VoIP systems work far better with higher speed broadband (we suggest fibre business broadband where possible).

Here are some other good reasons to go for high speed internet: 

Better Customer Service

If your business provides services that rely on internet connectivity, such as online customer support or e-commerce transactions, slow internet speeds can lead to frustrated customers and lost sales. Regularly checking your internet speed helps to make sure you’re giving the best customer experience.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Internet speed directly impacts the efficiency of things like email communication, accessing cloud-based applications, file downloads/uploads and video conferencing. Knowing your internet speed helps ensure these operations run smoothly without interruptions or delays.

Remote Working

More of us than ever are working remotely, particularly micro-business owners, start-ups and freelancers. Adequate internet speed is therefore crucial if you (and any people you employ) are to get work completed effectively.

Price Negotiation

Understanding your internet speed can help you determine if you're getting what you're paying for from your internet service provider (ISP). If you're not getting the advertised speed, you may be able to negotiate with them for a better plan or consider switching providers for better value.

IT Troubleshooting

Slow internet speed could be a symptom of various technical issues such as network congestion, equipment malfunctions, or malware. Monitoring internet speed can help identify these issues early, allowing for prompt troubleshooting and minimising downtime.

Future Planning

As your business grows and adopts new technologies, your internet bandwidth requirements may change. Knowing your current internet speed can inform decisions about upgrading your internet plan or investing in additional networking infrastructure to support future growth.

Looking For High Speed Business Internet?

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