Can you text to VoIP numbers?

March 31, 2023

VoIP is not only great for calling but also texting. VoIP comes with many business-friendly features but is also good if you’re switching from a traditional landline (don’t forget the 2025 switch off!) and want to keep the same features.

So what’s so amazing about texting? Well, apart from the fact it’s quick and informal, text messages are also more visible. Your customers are more likely to notice that you’ve sent them a text, rather than an email that can get lost amongst a million others, or end up in spam. VoIP texting is easy to use and more affordable than SMS.

What are the different types of text messaging?

In years gone by, it used to be the case that text messages referred only to SMS. However, these days there are so many other instant messaging platforms - the big one of course being WhatsApp. A lot of the social media networks like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook also have their own messaging facility. However, which one is right for your small business? Let’s take a look at the options.


SMS (Short Message System) messaging is still extremely popular, not least because any mobile phone can send and receive them reliably without having to download an app. It’s a fast, easy and cheap way to keep your customers informed of things like special offers, plus you can send appointment reminders and verification codes.

MMS (Multimedia Message System)

Multimedia messages allow for content to be sent such as videos, GIFs or images. They’ve been around for nearly as long as SMS messages but facilitate a lot more visual content. This means they’re perfect for marketing or advertising campaigns for example.

Digital comms platforms

These apps vary in popularity across the world, but WhatsApp is currently the biggest player. In fact, recent statistics show it had over 2 billion active users in 2022 alone.

Many businesses use digital comms platforms to engage with their customers. This is not only in closing sales but in resolving complaints and answering questions too. However, their effectiveness may depend on things like the age of your customers, with older people potentially (although not always) preferring traditional SMS.

Instant messaging platforms are also ideal for automation. For instance, WhatsApp has a platform specifically for business accounts, called WhatsApp Business. This can be used to develop things like program automatic notifications or in connecting bots.

Messaging on social networks

As mentioned, social networks like Twitter and Facebook have messaging facilities built into them. You can direct message (DM) people on Twitter for example, and Facebook offers Facebook Messenger.

These options again work well for advertising and marketing purposes. For instance, if you run a promotion on Facebook or Instagram, they can then be shared with your customers via message. Many businesses also have a LinkedIn account which can be used in responding to queries.

Instant messaging tools

If you use a VoIP phone system, you’ll find it comes with internal messaging and other functions like video calling too. Not only do these work really well for internal communications, they’re also great for team collaboration.

A VoIP phone system from bOnline can also be set up within 24 hours, with no downtime. Besides internal messaging and video calling, there are also handy features like call analytics, call divert, voicemail, hold music and much more. You can even keep your number.

How does VoIP texting work?

So we know how important texting is to your business. But can you send a text to other VoIP systems from yours? And can your customers send text messages to your VoIP number? In both cases, it’s a resounding yes.

In the same way that VoIP allows you to call any mobile, landline or other VoIP phone system over the internet, you can also send and receive text messages using a virtual number. All you need to do this is a reliable - preferably fibre - internet connection and a VoIP app which will support SMS and MMS messages. 

The beauty of VoIP texting is that it means you can communicate with customers, employees and suppliers on the go, no matter where you are in the world. There’s no need for a mobile phone number as you’re essentially using VoIP for both text messages and business calls using the same number.

How to find a VoIP provider for texting

We know that choosing the perfect VoIP system for your business can be daunting. But with bOnline, everything can be done remotely with no technical knowledge required by you. Plus, our team is always on hand for support if you need it.

Why not sign up for a 7-day free trial? It’s a great way of testing out all the VoIP features on offer with no commitment. And with our fixed priced packages starting at just £6 + VAT per month, our prices are some of the lowest around.


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